“Nature is the Silent Witness of Intuition.”Maladoma Some, PhD


The Light From Within is a synthesis of over thirty years of experience in the realms of spiritual development, integrative health, and communications. It is a weaving of the ancient wisdom teachings of shamanism and a contemporary approach to coaching based on the latest research in the neuroscience of conversations. The vision of this merging is to build a container that honors the heart and the mind by providing tools, ceremonies, and rituals that can powerfully and compassionately support the evolutionary processes we are experiencing on the planet today.
Listening to Connect is a framework for building trust and activating higher levels of engagement through a coaching process called Conversational Intelligence. C-IQ provides tools that can catalyze co-creation and innovation in relationships, teams, and cultures. Nature speaks all languages and has the capacity to make sense of what appears to be chaotic while connecting us with the past, present, and future. The deep threads of nature-based teachings remind us of our inherent wholeness that is ever-present at our core and our interconnectedness to all things.

I hold the intention that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You will identify false beliefs, return to a place of deep inner wisdom and have inspired action steps for restoring your personal power.

SACRED SYMBOLS READINGS are the entry point of this work. This ancient art known as DIVINING uses everyday objects to metaphorically represent people, places, ideas, or aspects of life to address questions or concerns you are seeking to gain more clarity about.

COACHING SESSIONS are based on C-IQ/Conversational Intelligence, the life-work of Judith E. Glaser.  The framework was created through decades of research in neuroscience and the understanding of how conversations can create healthy, thriving relationships.

FULL DAY OR 1/2 DAY IMMERSION SESSIONS, also known as VIP Days, allow for deep inquiry into personal and/or group goals to be accomplished in a time frame that would normally take months. We will clarify the outcome you desire and follow a design that both challenges beliefs which no longer serve you and supports transformation. 

SHAMANIC ENERGY SESSIONS use ancient methods to restructure energy flow, restore power and shift patterns that were created from shock, trauma or your ancestral history.

ENERGY CLEARING CONSULTATIONS FOR SPACES & PROPERTY are performed on location or from a distance.  I combine my training as a Certified Design Psychology Coach, Feng Shui and my experience as an artist, designer and home builder.

SESSIONS can be in person, by phone or Skype and always customized for your needs.         
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Are you seeking to align your lifestyle with your deepest values? Or yearning to embody the expression of your passions and purpose? I can assist you in navigating challenging life transitions with integrative healing practices that tap into your intuitive wisdom and support a renewed sense of deep inner peace.

We will use ceremony and tools that support new patterns and shifts in your mindset. 
You will immediately feel more balance, clarity, confidence, and inspiration!

I look forward to joining you on your journey!
  Blessings! Desiree

Quotes by Barbara Tedlock, Ph.D. from her book, The Woman in the Shaman’s Body, by Larry Littlebird from Everything Listens, and Melanoma Some, Ph.D. from the film InnSaei: The Power of Intuition.