“We learned that our bodies are microcosms of the natural world, with their own mountains, plains, lakes and winds.” Barbara Tedlock, PhD



The ancient practice of shamanism is a way of living through an expanded state of consciousness, which acknowledges that everything is connected and it is our birthright to experience our deep inner knowing through direct revelation.  My transformational sessions are a synthesis of over 30 years of training in the holistic health field on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels that guide you through the open door of your heart.

My intention is to support the restoration of your personal power by bringing clarity to old patterns or emotional blocks which are ready to be released, retrieving the awareness of your personal truth and offering you tools for the integration of your return to deep knowing and wholeness.

I utilize the energetic practice of alchemy, blending the wisdom of over 25 years of experience as a professional artist, holistic health practitioner and teacher, (which include yoga, Feldenkrais, Pilates, massage and energy work, aromatherapy, herbs and flower essences), life coach, creativity coach and design psychology coach.  Together we will co-create a plan of action for reaching your goals of well being in all areas of your life from a heart centered place of coherence.


Science is now acknowledging that art, creativity, practices such as yoga, meditation and the utilization of color, sound and light, provide positive effects on the physiology of our brain.  Your session will be integrating emotional, cognitive and sensory processes, which restore balance on every level.  Through an initial consultation to clarify the direction our work will take, your intention, questions and concerns are addressed and I will create a plan which will focus on these key areas and that will support you in the highest and best way possible.


Today we are facing some of the most challenging times in our lives on a global scale. Foundational structures and beliefs that were in place for hundreds of years are shifting or falling apart and many of them are happening rapidly and unexpectedly. These life changing events are not only happening around us but within us at the same time. The very core of our thoughts and belief patterns may no longer serve as the guiding forces they once were.

As our perspective of these things change, questions arise about the reality of who we truly are, what our life’s purpose is or what it is that deeply brings joy to our heart. As we answer these questions for ourselves it is essential to have practices and tools for tapping into a deep sense of our own inner truth. The path of shamanic energy medicine and the healing art of using sacred tools and ceremony are two examples of powerful paths that re-awaken your connection to the inner light of who you truly are.


If we look at these transformational times as a doorway that has opened for us to step forward into new possibilities and shed our old skins, we can create from a place of power. This time of energetic transmutation on the planet is allowing a more finely tuned frequency of the divine nature within us to shine forth. As we explore these initiatory processes of conscious evolution, our Inner Light begins to radiate outward and we begin to see and attract new possibilities into our future.

Having faith and trust that we are on the right path during these times of change, acceptance of what is and who we are in the present moment is key to knowing right action for loving and supporting ourselves. This allows us to take significant steps toward positive change, in our personal lives, in our communities and in the world.

I look forward to the opportunity of co-creating with you and exploring new possibilities for taking action and making powerful new choices in you life.  May we embody wisdom through compassion!

Quotes by Barbara Tedlock, PhD from her book: The Woman in the Shaman’s Body

Quote by Larry Littlebird from his book: Everything Listens