These Sacred Tools are created with the intention of being used for healing or a higher purpose.  A purpose filled with wisdom, in service of others, is essential to our wholeness and well being.  They are infused with the high frequency of love, light and wholeness.  

May you receive their gifts of transformation with ease and grace.

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One of the oldest painting methods known, encaustics have been dated to as early as the fourth century B.C.  Examples from A.D. 100-125 survive today in the form of portraits on mummy castings in Greco-Roman Egypt.  These paintings are a blend of beeswax, damar (tree resin) and pigments that are applied while molten and once cooled, can be manipulated to achieve the desired effect.

My paintings are currently represented at the Asheville Art Museum in Asheville, NC, The Encaustic Art Institute in Santa Fe, NM and K2 Studio in Asheville, NC.  I have also received awards of excellence and shown in galleries across the U.S.  Corporate purchases by Mission Hospital and the Greenville Museum of Art, as well as private collections, can be viewed on the NEWS page of my website.

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This is a collection of some of my shamanic explorations &  journeys around the world.