“It is complex, mystical and awe-inspiring, as befits the integration of the physical and spiritual worlds—two diverse and powerful realms where the shaman practices her calling.”                                     Barbara Tedlock, PhD


Shamanic energy medicine sessions are processes for restoring personal power by returning lost or disconnected parts of ourselves or the extraction of imbalanced or unwanted energy. The loss of one’s power or the taking on of negative, unwanted or misplaced energy can result in symptoms such as chronic depression, disassociation, addictions, prolonged grief, PTSD, memory loss or other physical illnesses. Our return to balance is achieved by awakening our senses to the world around us and our relationship with it. There are three basic aspects to each session:

RETRIEVING:  We identify the emotional blocks, patterns of separation, or loss of power and acknowledge our part in the creation or acceptance of the present situation.
RELEASING: We make a conscious choice to transform the energy patterns or beliefs by shifting our perception of the situation, allowing us to let go and move forward.
RESTORING:  We integrate new ways of being and experiencing our lives from a deeper state of consciousness and return to a place of balance.


My coaches training is called C-IQ or Conversational Intelligence, which is the work of  Judith E. Glaser and based on decades of research in social anthropology, communications and neuroscience, specifically the neuroscience of conversations.  This type of inquiry reveals conversational patterns allowing us to re-shape our communications with others and better understand the patterns that drive connectivity and trust vs. those which activate fear and distrust.  These methods elevate oxytocin and lower cortisol.  They can be applied to the individual or used with teams, organizations and companies.


My personal journey into shamanic healing was through the process of many magical experiences in nature throughout my childhood.  I was blessed to have a grandmother who followed her own spiritual path through a practice of healing prayer along with yoga and the concept of integrative health care.

As a young woman, I spent many years canoeing the Quetico wilderness in Canada with an award winning naturalist and photographer, Charles Ericson, who dedicated his life to designing programs for developing environmental awareness. In college, I lived off the grid on the shores of Lake Superior in the northwoods of Wisconsin, building sustainable homes, growing food, co-creating art and co-operative businesses within an artistic community.

One day, while living in a canyon of northern California and working as a production coordinator, I experienced a spontaneous shamanic journey through the physical connection to an ancient cactus.  I had full recall of a past life as a medicine woman on that land in a life time before.  I was moved for days with the remembering of this information and shortly thereafter, met someone who gifted me with a book about shamanism by Jose Stevens, which opened up an amazing new world for me.

The power of this experience manifested in finding my first of many shamanic teachers, Sandra Ingerman, and her teacher, anthropologist Michael Harner and The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  I have also trained with Hank Wesselman, Alberto Villodo, Theo Peredes, Dr. Hu Len, Malidoma Some and Aama Bombo, along with native shamen in Peru, Ecuador, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nepal, Bali and Thailand.  I am also a founding member of The Center for Shamanic Healing in the bay area of California.


I am committed to lifelong learning and this is a partial list of my trainings:   Matrix Energetics, Theta Healing DNA, Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu, DansKinetics, Pilates, Continuum Movement, Quantum Touch & Supercharging, Thai Massage, Meridian Therapy, Kripalu Bodywork, Reikki, Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, Insight Meditation, Aromatherapy & Flower Essences, Herbal Studies, Raw Foods & Nutrition, Pilates Mat Work, varied Shamanic Teacher Trainings and Ho’oponopono with Dr. Hu Len. 

Integrative Health: Professional Training & Teaching

  • Omega Institute: Rhinebeck, NY
  • Hippocrates Health Institute: Boston, MA
  • Kripalu Center: Lenox, MA
  • HerbPharm: Williams, OR
  • Nosara Institute: Nosara, Costa Rica
  • Foundation for Shamanic Studies: Mill Valley, CA
  • Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy: San Rafael, CA
  • American Union of NLP: Certified Life Coaching: Las Vegas, NV
  • Benchmark Communications: C-IQ: Conversational Intelligence Coaching: Norwalk, CT


Art/Design: Education & Production Experience

  • Columbia College: Psychology, Communications & Fine Arts, Chicago, IL
  • Spencer Institute: Certified Design Psychology Coach, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  • Northland College/Sigurd Olsen Institute of Environmental Studies: Ashland, WI
  • Miller-Wagenaar Studio of Decorative Arts: Chicago IL
  • California School of Professional Fabric Design: Berkley, CA
  • Ambrosia Catering & Event Design: Santa Monica, CA
  • Private Yacht “Dreamboat”: Palm Beach, FL


Currently, I live between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Asheville, North Carolina. I merge my love for art and the beauty of nature by using an ancient method of painting with beeswax, known as encaustics as an element of my shamanic practice and the creation of my sacred tools and symbols.

My coaching approach is known as Conversational Intelligence or C-IQ, and is on the cutting edge of merging the latest brain research and the art of creating powerful conversational rituals that build a foundation of trust, partnership and mutual success.

If you would like to book a private reading, a coaching package, commission a sacred tool or schedule a workshop or training for your group or business, CALL: 312-437-4325, EMAIL: or you can use the CONTACT page.