T E S T I M O N I A L S 

“When we are little, yet certainly in all moments, the cells are alive with memories and resonate when we listen.”Larry Littlebird



Living Well with Desiree DeMars on AshevilleFM, January 29 2018

LIVING WELL RADIO SHOW is a live internet radio program on AshevilleFM.org  hosted by Bob Hanna, PhD who provides psychology & counseling for couples and adults in Asheville, NC.

WHY SHAMANISM NOW is a weekly shamanism focused live internet radio show that has some of the best shamanic conversations found anywhere hosted by Christina Pratt.



I called Desiree into a house that had been traumatized, as had I.  We met through high synchronicity–always the best sign–so I was not surprised at her powerful combination of professionalism and highly intuitive shamanic practice. I immediately relaxed, trusting her good-natured authority as I welcomed a transformational new totem and went deeply with her into a detailed reading. The house and I can’t wait to have her back. Desiree DeMars is the Real Thing. 
– Patricia G. H., Asheville, NC

Desiree is a gifted healer and beautiful soul. I loved every minute of my healing session with her. This one session cleared up some things for me that years of therapy didn’t. Her insights and suggestions continue to be priceless. I am deeply grateful that I found her.

– Susan, Asheville, NC

Thanks so much Desiree, you continue to be a blessing for me.
Hoping to meet with you in the future, as I know I have more to explore. So much more!

– Renee, Asheville, NC

Just wanted to send a big wave of gratitude to you for my beautiful, healing session I had with you. My session was beautiful, insightful and uplifting! It has been almost two weeks now and what a glorious transition I have felt within. I feel as if I am now whole in my essence of my true spirit and getting clear messages of moving on with my life. You are remarkable with your journey work!

– Trini, Johnson City, NC

You are amazing. How do you say thank you in “Angel”? I am in awe.

– Jill, Boise, ID

Desiree is one of the best healers I have worked with.  Working with her has opened me up to healing that has changed my life.  Her insights and Shamanic work have moved things in me that I was previously able to move on my own.  The sessions we have done have always been profound and leave me with greater faith, solidness in who I am, and insights about where to go next with whatever I am working on.

– Adela P., Marin, CA

In my distance session, Desiree opened an internal portal for me that I wasn’t even aware existed.  As she and I walked through this portal using her shamanic wisdom, one of my Spirit Guides appeared to me in real time—a truly amazing experience! I am now calling upon this Guide and its image, a benefit made real!  Thank you!

– Kate H., Cave Creek, AZ

Her language and presentation (of the sacred objects) are beautiful and warm and I felt the loving energy emanate from her.  I feel blessed to have been seen on such a deep, sacred level. And I can feel that I am changing because of it.

– Kathy J., San Francisco, CA

Desiree is powerful and strong with the work that she does.  She is spot on and has, on every occasion that I have worked with her, given me clear, beautiful and healing messages, like love notes from the Divine!

– Jill H., Santa Fe, NM

Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful (sacred object) reading!  I’ve listened to it 3 times already and it just gets deeper and deeper….my heartfelt love splash to you Desiree!

– Osa, Mendocino, CA