Desiree DeMars


You are a vibrational being

who is naturally resourceful, creative + whole

DISCOVER how my Services for Body/Mind/Soul and Sacred Art can inspire and support you in accessing your own creative spark and deep inner wisdom.

GAIN INSIGHT that can assist with behavioral change and the release of old patterns or beliefs which no longer serve your highest being.

UNDERSTAND how frequency shifts energy both internally and externally t
hrough my Workshops, Readings with Sacred Symbols, and Light Stream Frequency Sessions.

EXPLORE the power of SACRED = CREATIVE and live your most in-spirited life!


Sacred =Creative

SACRED = CREATIVE is a synthesis of over 25 years of training in the field of integrative health, shamanism, communication and creativity.  Sessions are designed by your personal intention.

Readings with Sacred Symbols utilize shamanic wisdom that can assist you in navigating challenging transitions, trauma, grief or ancestral inquiry and bring a new perspective to these areas of your life.

Light Stream Frequency Sessions are enhanced with the use of Biofield Tuning Forks and Egyptian BioGeometry technology to asses and rebalance your physical energy quality and the environment.

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