Desiree DeMars

Sacred Is Creative

You are a luminous being who is naturally creative, connected + whole!

Desiree DeMars is a transformational coach, spiritual medium, medical intuitive, cosmic traveler, shamanic practitioner + artist.
My trainings have been with indigenous shamans and earth-centered cultures around the world and in my own backyard.
I am passionate about inner trust, truth, and co-creation through coaching and ceremony that align the light and love you are.

Mentorship:   My Training:


Light Stream Star Coil

+ Biofield Tuning Forks

Sound frequencies balance subtle
energy fields and restore vitality.

Power + Passion!

+ Readings with Sacred Symbols
Transform trauma and grief through
Ancestral Healing and Soul Retrieval

Mediumship  or  Medical  Intuition Sessions

Readings are the sacred container for bringing information forth from across the veil.
The medium is the mouthpiece for those who no longer have a physical voice, such
as ancestors,
pets, or loved ones who translate evidence for healing and guidance.

My training in Evidential Mediumship is with Suzanne Giesemann and my mentor in
Medical Intuition is
Tina Zion.

Appointments for Individual + Group Practice Sessions @ 312-437-4325
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