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You are a vibrational being who is
naturally creative,
resourceful & whole -dd

Wholeness is your center, a place of alignment with your source. Aligning with source is allowing what is, a sense of deeper awareness in knowing that all is unfolding in it’s own perfection. This is your true nature of becoming. Through a shift in perception you can realize that beyond the structure of mind is a true unity, the Universal within the Self.

For many this is a radical shift in consciousness. Finding ways to integrate a deeper level of conscious awareness as we move through this process of intense transformation here on Earth can feel incredibly challenging.  How does one stay centered through the chaos that appears to be unfolding all around us? Find acceptance for that which feels so destructive?

How do you align your lifestyle with your deepest truth?  Embody your passion and purpose with abundance? Or make conscious and deliberate choices that result in peaking health and wellbeing?  I invite you to explore The Light From Within . . . .


Desiree with Christina Pratt, 6/15/10

Why Shamanism Now?

The Light From Within

The Light From Within is a synthesis of over thirty years of experience in the realms of consciousness development, integrative health, shamanism and fine art. My Intuitive Readings with Sacred Symbols will assist you in the navigation of challenging life transitions and bring a new perspective to the questions or concerns you have at this time. I use the Coaching guidelines of Conversational Intelligence, or C-IQ, to provide the foundation for building trust, activating higher levels of engagement and opening to new ways of seeing.

During our work together you will identify your false beliefs and negative patterns, rediscover the balancing rhythm of your inner source and create inspired action steps for restoring your personal power. You will immediately feel more balance, clarity, confidence, and inspiration through the experience of seeing past cycles  and patterns with a new perspective of appreciation and understanding of  your unlimited potential.

This approach supports a joyful dynamic of co-creation and innovation within you, and expands out into your personal relationships and in community. You will re-discover a sense of freedom and deep inner peace with remembering the truth of living in alignment with universal source. I have always believed that this is why art is also a healing act of evolution.  Visit  Sacred Art and the Services page for session descriptions and pricing.

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Custom Designs & Services

Custom Designs for Sacred Art include Drums, Rattles, Talking Sticks and Medicine Bundles. Contact me about Encaustic Commissions directly by using the contact form.

Private Sessions can be scheduled for Sacred Symbols Readings & Coaching  for you or your organization on the Services page.

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