Desiree DeMars

The sacred is creative

You are a vibrational being

who is naturally creative, resourceful + whole 

Home is your center, a place of alignment with your inner source. Aligning with your source allows your natural ability as a creator to flow. It is from the place of creative flow that we tap into the sacred in all things.

Discover how the Services I offer and my Sacred Art pieces can support you in trusting your inner wisdom and enhance the unfolding of your deepest passions, dreams and desires. Release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve your highest good.

Through the creative processes of my workshops, Readings with Sacred Symbols or Soul Coaching: C-IQ, you can recover your true essence of love, gratitude and joy. With a shift in perception you will remember how to create balance and clarity in your life.

Explore the gifts of The Sacred Is Creative and be inspired on your healing journey!


The Sacred Is Creative

The Sacred is Creative is a synthesis of over 25 years of experience in the realms of consciousness development, integrative health, shamanism and creativity. My Intuitive Readings with Sacred Symbols will assist you in navigating challenging life transitions and brings a new perspective to questions or concerns you have at this time. I use coaching  guidelines of Conversational Intelligence, or C-IQ, to provide the foundation for building trust, activating higher levels of engagement and opening to new ways of seeing.


This approach can reveal your old beliefs and negative patterns. You can re-discover the balancing rhythm of your inner source and create inspired action steps for restoring your personal power. You will immediately feel more joy, clarity, confidence, strength and inspiration by seeing past experiences through a new lens of appreciation and understanding of their true gifts which support your unlimited potential.


A joyful dynamic of co-creation and innovation can move with ease and grace within you and expand outward into your relationships, family and community. You will discover a sense of freedom and natural momentum to your life that will lead you in the right direction. 


I have always believed creativity and enjoying the beauty of art reminds us that we are an integral part of a sacred and powerful expression of human evolution.  Join me in the matrix of infinite possibilities by visiting the  Sacred Art and the Services page for specific session descriptions and pricing.

Attend A Custom Workshop

I OFFER CUSTOM DESIGNED WORKSHOPS!  Out of town Room or House Rentals are available next door to my studio at the Haw Creek Commons Retreat House in beautiful East Asheville, NC, nestled between the organic garden, the chickens, bees and a community playground on six acres of land.

For more details contact me: 312-437-4325 or book your time at:

VISIT MY STUDIO @ Haw Creek Commons: 315 Old Haw Creek Rd, Asheville, NC 28805

Custom Design+Services

offer Custom Designs for all Sacred Art pieces.
Painting Commissions Welcome + Prints  Available!
My studio: 315 Old Haw Creek Road, Asheville 28805

Personal Organization Services, Intuitive Readings,
 + Shamanic Healing Sessions: See Services.
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