Gourds represent our mother earth, and the handle represents the axis of the Hero Twins, iconic figures of ancient Mayan lore who help keep the earth spinning. Of the squash family, gourd or askutasguash, has the honor of being the seed carrier and spark of life. She teaches us about boundaries with the essence of purity and the power of creation.

Sacred Rattle! With gratitude for All That Is, I call in the spark of Divine Life Force. May it bring forth the highest and best for my Soul’s journey. Great Spirit hear my prayer! Open the channels of love, abundance, and creative inspiration into my life and all those I come in contact with. Aho!

baby gourd rattle white leather front     baby gourd rattle brown leather     baby rattle gold leather handle front

Powerful times have been sparked by eclipses, the winter solstice, and the power of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st.  I have felt blessed to be diving deeper into my understanding of signs and synchronicities through my practice with mediumship and medical intuition. They are providing new ways to experience communication across the veil. Much of it still beyond words, yet revealing how things are connected and have come full circle.

I could feel the growth of this Cold Full Moon in Cancer and its amplification of the watery elements in and around us. It peaked at 10:28 pm ET on the 29th of December reminding us to be kind to ourselves, Take a salt bath (for discharging electrical overload), and raise our frequency (though prayer, meditation, inspirational reading, writing, or music) so that you can commune with your own guides, angels, and teachers. These practices allow for the receptivity of cosmic downloads. Be sure to remember the importance of connecting with others. It is essential to continue to deepen community through the covid confusion and misunderstandings of a world recalibrating.

satellite image of PlutoNasa image of Mars

Venus is square Neptune, Mars still squares Pluto
At the end of this year, the world is in a rather fragile state, and yet something completely new has announced itself. Perhaps some of the challenging events can be seen in a new light at a later time. But the Cancer Moon reminds us that new life needs very special protection at all times and that we can only provide it together. (Robert Hand, Astrologer)

Remember that Neptune rules our Dreams and Mars squaring Pluto is the potential for a tsunami of surprises that may leave us and/or the world forever changed. There is no going back. It is a brilliant time to allow the inner light to illuminate the darkest of places, embrace them, and merge with the most primal creative forces to seed new visions. I have so much gratitude, for kindred spirits such as my dream sisters, and mystery school colleagues to access for support through this process of involution on this eternal path of the Soul.  (Photo above: Pluto to the left of Mars)

The Galactic Center of the Milky Way

It is no accident, that last night I watched a documentary called The Social Dilemma on Netflix.  It revealed eye-opening information about how the tech world of social media is intentionally working behind the scenes on a global scale to influence our psyche in complex ways both personally and globally. Thankfully there are ideas and actions of hope at the end of the film to support the creative potential within all of us to visualize and make positive changes. for all.


Other fascinating and edgy areas of science I’ve been exploring lately are genetic editing with the use of CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats), a family of DNA sequences found in the genomes of prokaryotic organisms such as bacteria and archaea and animism* through the work of microbiologist Siv Watkins, who is also a shamanic practitioner. But first, some definitions to assist you in following the breadcrumbs.

*Animism (from Latin: anima, ‘breath, spirit, life’) is the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. Potentially, animism perceives all things—animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human handiwork, and perhaps even words—as animated and alive.

Siv gently and masterfully guided a ZOOM group of 600+, during an ancestral healing program I participated in this year. We took a shamanic journey to connect with the life force of “the smalls”. Smalls are based on microbial animism and developing the relationship that we, as human individuals, can have with them. The smalls include bacteria, viruses, fungi, and all manner of other microbial life.

The intention was to better gain insight into the smalls, in particular viruses, and perhaps have a deeper understanding of how they are an essential part of the global changes we are experiencing through covid.  It was so profound for me at the time…I could barely put words to it, but now I am beginning to see that by collecting other related data, (and a little synchronicity) how my personal path is connecting the dots of a much larger picture.  

Through the social media marketing structures of commodifying people and viewing critical life forms as products, we have altered the ecosystems of Gaia to the point where things such as viruses are responding by changing us on the molecular level. First through our exposure to coronavirus but consequentially through COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. This of course yet another ginormous rabbit hole, so enter at your own risk! Most importantly, I share this humble microbiologist’s wisdom; it is essential that we form a relationship with the most primal essences of life itself now.

Just as we each have a story to tell, they do too! If you allow yourself to be in a state of WONDER, you can integrate this kind of shamanic journey into your own practices and dive into the great mystery of cosmic soup Gaia lives in. It is absolutely fascinating! The idea that everything is truly connected, is far beyond what we ever imagined. I see it as the QUANTUM UNIFICATION, which is the future of healing. Change at the creation point to restore one’s power.

While pondering some of these ideas, I received a powerful question during my morning practice: How are you healing the ways you were conditioned? This resonated deeply with something my medical intuition mentor states regarding the process of healing; PERMANENT HEALING MUST OCCUR AT THE POINT OF INCEPTION.

I experienced a personal awakening about this more than 20 years ago with the guidance of a shamanic teacher during an initiatory journey at an intensive about shamanism and creativity. I share this as an invitation. Through this journey, you can receive insight and understanding about the potential that lies within the core of your very being. And it couldn’t be a better time since astrologically the veil is thin and planetary alignments are allowing us access to the Galactic Center of our universe. Within the space of the Great Mystery exists the essence of self-realization. 

Betwixt and Between 2020 and 2021 is a perfect time to experience a dismemberment initiationHere is one suggestion I have for a self-guided journey to the Source from which you came.

Build your Power, by creating Sacred Space and Allowing
By taking deep intentional breaths and staying focused on your outcome, you will use a rattle, drum, or recorded music, deepening your state of relaxation and altering your brain wave state.  Journeying can be experienced through prayer, imagination, or connecting to greater forces in any way that is meaningful to you. Call on a guide, angel, or teacher with clear intention, and ask to receive a dismemberment (the letting go, release and/or falling apart of the conditioned you) and then request to be taken to the “the Source from which you came”.

Take your time, slow down, listen deeply, and use all your senses….allow whatever wants to be released, to be released, acknowledge it fully, and then allow whatever wants to arise, arise. Trust the way it looks, feels, and unfolds. Once you have experienced this, give thanks for what you have received and consciously close the circle again using a rattle, drum, or music with intention.

Returning to the Source is the remembering of you you truly are…the soul self without the human self, the ego, or mental constructs. Allow the wisdom and guidance to unfold with its own timing and notice the signs and synchronicities that appear in your life. Be well, be safe, and sovereign. Have a blessed 2021! Aho!



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