ancestral healing summit 2022

JOIN ME AS A GUEST SPEAKER + 30 of today’s leading ancestral healing experts and inspiring teachers!
EXPLORE the Shift Network’s Annual ANCESTRAL HEALING SUMMIT taking place January 18-21.

MY INTERVIEW airs Friday, January 21 at 2pm PT/5pm ET: Discover how by using “sacred symbols” or “bones” divination rituals, you can repair and nurture loving lineage relationships while receiving wise ancestral guidance!

THE SUMMIT IS FREE and once you register you can opt in for BONUSES, like my Ancestral Healing Guided Journey: THE WISDOM OF THE WOUND. This recording is a journey to the Medicine Wheel of Awakening, where you can access the ancestral rivers that flow alongside your energy field. This work will guide you in transmuting blockages in your ancestral coding and reclaim your power as a conscious creator. As an initiatory healing experience it can energize and activate you and future generations in your ancestral lineage.

Receive the tools you need to cultivate more connection and heal the wounds from the past, so you can literally change your genetic destiny. Discover how your ancestors can guide you in transforming your life and lineage… and help heal historical collective wounds that linger in our world today.

Speakers include Thomas Hübl, Langston Kahn, Sandra Ingerman, Christina Pratt, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Paul Levy, Dr. Lotte Valentin, Ash Canty, Grandmother Flordemayo, Dr. Linda Howe, and many more — sharing new practices and insights for connecting with the wise and loving among your ancestors. 

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During this profoundly transformative four-day event, you will:

  • Discover how you can transform inherited emotional DNA — those familiar ancestral family system patterns of success, failure, love, and money
  • See how analyzing your nocturnal dreams taps into your coding for higher intelligence, guidance, and the ability to heal your own heart
  • Learn to consult tarot cards to make powerful ancestral connections that can heal unhealthy inherited family patterns spanning generations 
  • Detox and transmute your epigenetic inheritance of ancestral traumas by learning to activate the regenerative power of your liver and gallbladder
  • Explore pathways to release ancestral trauma and karma threads created during interplanetary (aka starseed) past lives 
  • Learn how to effectively reach out and ask your ancestors how you can help them, which in turn helps your entire ancestral line to flourish
  • Discover that via “sacred symbols” or “bones” divination rituals, you can repair and nurture loving lineage relationships while receiving wise ancestral guidance
  • And much more…

Discover how your ancestors can help you transform your life, lineage — past, present, and future — and the trajectory of our world. Don’t miss this profound event! January 18-21, 2022! Aho!
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