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Planetary scientist and stardust expert Dr. Ashley King explains. It is totally 100% true: nearly all the elements in the human body were made in a star and many have come through several supernovas. The particles in our bodies have been in existence for billions of years. They will persist for billions of years after we move on. And, these particles were all forged in the nuclear fusion fires of stars. (Image above: Stuart Cornell)

The actual amount of stardust atoms in our body is 40% and, these particles were all forged in the nuclear fusion fires of stars. S
ince stardust atoms are the heavier elements, the percentage of star mass in our body is much more impressive. The four most abundant elements in the human body – hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen – account for more than 99% of the atoms inside you. They are found throughout your body, mostly as water but also as components of biomolecules such as proteins, fats, DNA and carbohydrates.

The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff. Carl Sagan, Cosmos. Sagan was one of the most well-known scientists of the 1970s and 1980s. He studied extraterrestrial intelligence, advocated for nuclear disarmament and co-wrote and hosted Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.

So why are scientific facts about stardust so fascinating or relevant to our reality? As a diviner and intuitive energy worker, it is because they are metaphors for how we can better know ourselves. And why do metaphors matter? Metaphors provide new insight and can even change the way we think. Metaphors are more than devices; they’re central to how we understand the world. They don’t belong solely to language, but help us to reason and understand what’s around us.

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This is how I see and experience the information I channel or interpret through my Symbols Readings. It amazes me to think that our ancestors were using the same tools to explore and understand the world they were living in for millenia. The symbols support us in seeing a greater picture or a different lens through which we can view the events, patterns and cycles that are unfolding in our lives.

Today, with incredible findings in the field of neuroscience, we can now see and experience how we are the creators of our reality in ways we never thought possible before. Click her for more about my Symbols Readings or more about my Coaching work that utilizes a process called Recoding. Recoding supports the rewiring of trauma and old patterns and beliefs so that we can free ourselves from truths that no longer serve our greatest good, whether they arise from collective conditioning or our own mental choices.

A visual metaphor is closely related to symbolism. Mental models, conceptualization and symbols can bridge the gaps between visual art and spoken or written language. For example, you may be familiar with the saying; Life is a song and we each get to write our own lyrics. Or Life is a roller coaster!  One I imagine we are all feeling lately. And what is fascinating to me is that these metaphors, as common as they may feel to us, also resonate on a very personal level. We may agree on the truth of a metaphor, yet each of us will have an understanding or definition that is uniquely our own. Personal metaphors are things that draw our attention every time we see it, or they feel like something close to our heart.

A metaphor for me this month has been the comeback of Joni Mitchell at the Newport Folk Festival. Lovingly titled the Joni Jam, Mitchell performed with the help of friends and fellow artists in July, playing her first full set in more than 20 years. The legendary singer-songwriter made a surprise appearance where she last appeared in 1969. This was definitely close to my heart, as Mitchell was a shero and guiding light for me throughout my own journey as an artist for decades.

Here are a few links to explore more about Joni Mitchell, who I consider the Maven of Metaphor, a magician of words, melodies and her own cord creations, due to having polio as a child, Mitchell had the courage to share the truth of what she saw and felt unfolding in our world during another cycle of great changes on this earth: The Joni Jam or Summertime and who doesn’t have her classic etched in their memory? We are stardust, we are golden, We are billion-year-old carbon, And we got to get ourselves, Back to the garden. Woodstock
Mitchell performs Newport Folk Festival 2022
Brandi Carlile introduces Mitchell for a special Joni Jam at the 2022 Newport Folk Festival on July 24. Carlin Stiehl: The Boston Globe via GI

So to return full circle to the science of life, I offer this quote of Sagan’s; Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality. Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark And as far as imagery reflecting life, there can be no better illustration than the art of astrophotography. With the evolution of high powered optical tech we now have an art (or is it science?) that gives us a visual experience of our future…or is it the past? Seeing these images, its hard to deny that everything is indeed connected.
I went with friends to see featured artist Chris Garner’s exhibit at the Woolworth Walk Gallery in downtown Asheville, Through a perfect marriage of technology and artistic presentation, these deep space astrophotos come to life. Garner states: My astrophotography is intended to humble and to inspire. Yes, you are tiny… but you also have the mind to comprehend this and to ponder the greatness of what surrounds you. Learn more about Chris Garner and his work:

And for more about the tech side: Astrophotography for Beginners: How to shoot the night sky by published covers everything from kit to shooting modes to locations and more. And one of my favorite finds: AstroBin Click the links; Image of the Day and Explore.

As my final thought, I offer this phenomenal video that tracks the journey of the development and manifestation of the James Webb Space Telescope. In the entire universe, our address would be: Planet Earth < Solar System < Milky Way Galaxy < Local Group < Virgo Cluster < Laniakea Supercluster < Known Universe. Welcome Home! Aho!

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