– Camille K, North Carolina

I came to Desiree for help with clearing an energy attached to my house, something that created fear and discomfort for all of us living here, including the animals. She was able to fit me in to her schedule almost immediatelly and was so kind and informative with her scan and cleansing. I immediately felt a HUGE difference in the energy and I enjoyed the collaborative effort through her instructions for my own ceremony. Ever since then, the house has been peaceful and calm!

–Yvonne K, Arizona

After almost 24 hours, I feel amazing as I’m integrating our time together. It felt like MAGIC! My energy has shifted in a very positive, enthusiastic way. Procrastination was always a ‘thing’ holding my energy back, but now it seems to have lifted. I just feel so GOOOD! With your reading and the information about the planets, my ancestors, the “time-keepers” and the huge boost of confidence, I feel really prepared to go deeper and trust whatever emerges.

Sharell, Nevada

Desiree is a gifted energy worker and coach. She gracefully guided me through vivid interactions with aspects of myself and my environment. It was a beautiful, sacred experience. Pulling in her experience from many different modalities, there was so much practical, healing and immediately useful information and energy that was generated. I know that this will be a major boost for me on my journey to being my best self. I highly recommend Desiree completely.

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Gregg Braden,
author, geologist, and consciousness pioneer bridges science and human potential in: What Happens When We Understand the Rules and the Power of  Holograms & Fractals.


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Sacred Geometry by Vandorn Hinnant

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