With no interference from the Moon, this year’s Perseid Meteor Shower is expected to be excellent. Find a dark location and enjoy every flash. The shower is active from mid-July to late-August, but plan to watch on the nights of August 11-12 and possibly the 13th, when the shower is expected reach maximum. 

In the image above, Jeremy Perez captured 101 Perseids and 22 sporadic meteors in this composite of 3,700 images taken overnight on August 11–12, 2020. This was taken from an excellent article in Sky&Telescope: An Essential Guide to Astronomy, and has fantastic information about the event.


• EVOLUTIONARY COACHING: Merges New Science and Ancient Wisdom Modalities of Shamanism
• MEDICAL INTUITION + POINT OF ORIGIN SESSIONS: Are integrative processes for insights into health
A heart/brain coherence method based on a classic past life regression model

inner cosmos of cells

To date this is one of the most detailed human cell images obtained with x-ray radiation, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryoelectron microscopy. 

The Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8th, 2021 at 9:49 am ET, occurs in the bold fire sign of Leo, which represents self-expression, creation, and rules the heart. What makes this new moon particularly notable is that it happens every year around August 8th, when the Earth makes a special alignment with the fixed star Sirius, shifting creation oriented energy. Leo is known for its regal nature and heartfelt bravery, and coupled with Sirius, known to bring abundance and harvest, this energy presents a powerful moment to upgrade your reality.

As an artist I have always believed that we are truly creators. So, it is no surprise that the coaches certification training I am currently taking is aligned with this idea in a powerful way. The 4 Core Choices that orient you to becoming a magnet for your future desired outcome are: 1. I choose a life I love., 2. I choose health and vitality., 3. I choose to live my true nature and purpose., and 4. I choose to be the predominant creative force in my life.

Did you know that you can clear and re-code negative beliefs, ancestral patterns and long term memories associated with trauma by tapping into the brain’s ability to rewire and upgrade itself (neuroplasticity)? My coaching sessions are now based on a future oriented process of conscious creation that is fundamental to activating new neural pathways in the brain. They combine the most current discoveries about who we are and the ancient wisdom (shamanism) that paved the way for us to access this truth today. 

To learn more about the Magnetic Mind and the Recoding process you can book a free consultation or see the webpage: https://www.desireedemars.com/evolutionary-coaching/ This amazing work is based on years of brain research and the latest discoveries of how we store and gather memories throughout our life. We now understand how to change them and create profound shifts in our beliefs and patterns by tapping into our Superconscious to re-code them.

To celebrate the New Moon in Leo and this auspicious Lion’s Gate energy I had a fire ceremony this evening placing my new moon intentions into the flames. Is there anything more magical than the mystery of life dancing in the air as it expresses the life force energy of tree medicine? Not for this happy Sag! I hope you take time this August to gaze into the great mystery, catch a falling star and reflect on the choices you are making in your life with gratitude and appreciation for all that is! Aho!

The image below is my uncle’s grandson, Lane, just chillin’ on an adventure I took this spring to visit family on Johns Island, SC. What a tree and what about that star inside the knot!  You just can’t make this stuff up can you?

lane in South Carolina 


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