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CHANGE: We have all heard the famous quote by Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher: The only constant in life is change.

As life unfolds through its cycles, physical, mental and emotional, each stage requires us to change. In fact the basic nature of our being in a human body means we are experiencing constant change, whether we are aware of it or not. Recently while attending a webinar about grief someone shared that life in her 70’s, has gifted her with the realization that small deaths happen regularly. I have heard this before. While exploring the topic of death, many truly begin to understand what it means to live. Being conscious is a dynamic process of evolving patterns and structures dancing (holographic movement) within the polarity of earth’s structures of polarity.

We all at some point, have the desire to change, even when it feels impossible. And during the process of moving toward our hopes and dreams, there are most assuredly places along the way that will be uncomfortable. Change can be scary, surprising, confusing and awakening. Change takes effort and commitment to our goals or desired end result even though, truthfully, we may never know the how of it. This is where a deep level of trust and non-attachment come in, as we develop the attributes of higher consciousness; Gratitude, Humility and Divine Love.

So how can we support ourselves in ways that give us the best chance of achieving our true end result? The journey starts with your mind. A fellow medium and consciousness coach named Suzanne Tempel suggests that we set up powerful pre-conditions that will offer guidance and reassurance as we begin. I find it is critical to take time to assess exactly where you are right now. Focus your mind and realize exactly what surrounds you in your current situation. This is where I start with someone in my coaching work: Make True Choices and know the truth of your Current Reality.

HERE IS A BASIC PREMISE OR TEMPLATE for change that I have uncovered through my certification of Magnetic Mind Coaching and the combined works of my coaches William Whitecloud, Colette Streicher, and Chris Duncan. This approach supports the unraveling of old ancestral and social patterns, limiting beliefs and negative conditioning. May they support you on your evolutionary journey.

: You must
decide or declare you are the Creator of everything you experience on some level and that you are committed to changing your life.
2. CREATE STRUCTURAL TENSION: Learn to embrace discomfort. Letting go, forgiveness (especially with yourself) and releasing old patterns and conditioning sound easy, but can be the most challenging part of the process. Creative tension creates the inevitable path that enables you to go the distance. We are hardwired for survival and our brain love to follow what has created safety in the past.
3. FEEL THE EMOTION OF THE END RESULT: Create emotional set points based on the person you want to be, rather than the person you want to fix. Experience it as if it already exists! You must see it to be it!  — Billie Jean King
4. KNOWING YOUR TRUE NATURE AND RE-CODING THE PAST: You must replace old habits, feelings and beliefs with new awareness. Remember you are the coder, NOT the code! Science now supports this through epigenetics: Explore the groundbreaking work of Dr. Bruce Lipton.
5. TAKE ALIGNED ACTION: Bring your True Goal or Desired End Result into alignment with your actions and the environment that surrounds you. Consistent successes create the momentum you need to take the next step.

The brain is one of the most complex systems we know.
It is also important to remember the truth of who you truly are. Here are a few suggestions for core premises or truths that can guide you along the way:

1. YOU’RE NOT BROKEN: There is nothing to fix. You are enough and you are connected to EVERYTHING.
2. YOU ARE SUPER-CONSCIOUS: As a Creator you have the ability to tap into a limitless field of information and guidance.
3. THE COMMON DENOMINATOR IS STRUCTURE: Everything is moving, flowing, changing and evolving. As a creator you are designing structures that support the manifestation of your heart’s desires and are in alignment with your True Choices.
4. TRUE CHOICES ARE ESSENTIAL FOR ALL TRANSFORMATION: Choose from the heart without attachment to the how it all unfolds. Remember Energy follows Attention!

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CENTER OF THE CENTER OF THE CENTER MEDITATION: Explore this ancient meditation process shared by Robert Gilbert of the Vesica Institute. I trained with him in BioGeometry. You can watch his new program called Sacred Geometry on Gaia. In the link below he is interviewed by the Oxford Psychedelic Society (the new wave of scientific psychonauts) The guided meditation explanation begins at approximately 1:26 and then gets to the exercise at about 1:37: Hidden Structures of Consciousness

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The awakening of awareness is like gradually awakening from sleep and becoming more and more vividly aware of everyday reality – only it’s everyday reality from which we are awakening!  — C. Maxwell Cade

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Max Cade wrote these startling words in his ground-breaking book, The Awakened Mind: Biofeedback and the Development of Higher States of Awareness. Cade was a distinguished British government physicist and psychobiologist, who revolutionized radar and extended his understanding of light and sound into the field of mind research and the invention of the Mind Mirror and EEG-led Awakened Mind training

In 1976, with the assistance of electronics engineer Geoffrey Blundell, Cade invented the Mind Mirror EEG, a unique, composite frequency analyzer that monitors both hemispheres of the brain across an interrelated array of frequencies. The Mind Mirror was then and still is today like a moving picture depicting the bioelectrical activities of consciousness. This visual language can be easily read, understood, and used by anyone to adjust their brainwave patterns to peak states of awareness.

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