ARTISAN MATERIALS EXPO 2016: Creative Ascension

I taught two, full house and fabulously fun encaustic classes for the Artist Materials Expo: Creative Ascension, at the beautiful Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe! Along with other top instructors, both local and from around the country, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet new and seasoned students who continue to explore the boundaries of encaustic painting and monoprinting.

Thank you EAI for your support in putting the tech together and making sure that everything flowed smoothly! The next Expo is scheduled for September 27-30, 2018. The admission is free for the vendor floor, which features 80 manufacturers’ booths. For more information visit:

Photos: Encaustic Monoprinting Class and Under the Sea, encaustic monoprint, Foxy, encaustic monoprint (below right)


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