I had the opportunity to facilitate a group reading in Black Mountain, NC this fall, for a group of women healing practitioners, which was a wonderful way to experience a deeper layer of wisdom offered by sacred objects. It can reveal both the big picture and how you personally fit into this picture…and you can get immediate feedback from others. It is a powerful way of directly feeling how everything is connected.

We begin by having each person select an object that they feel represents them from the collection. Then as I rattle, we offer a prayer of thanks to the source, spirit, guides, angels and/or teachers and hold an intention for the group. Simultaneously, each individual holds a personal inquiry or question within their hearts and together we each blow into the basket containing the objects three times. Finally the objects are thrown onto a cloth and the guidance is revealed by the patterns and locations in which the objects land.

New awareness and confirmation of what is already a reality shows up…magic happens! Its always amazing how the personal object chosen seems to reflect so much to the participant and how those who know one another are able to confirm what shows up in the meaning or understanding of the message. There are many layers of interpretation within the pattern of all the pieces as a whole and relationship of where the pieces land in proximity to one another.

I have done this both in person and online via Skype or the phone. There is no limitation with time or space. It is all in the now. For more information see my Services page.


I would be honored to have the opportunity to co-create a workshop with you for any size group or organization

Photos: Sacred Object Readings

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