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Encaustic Painting

ENCAUSTIC PAINTING + MONO-PRINTS are based on an ancient method of painting with beeswax (Greek: to heat or burn; 4th century BC). Examples from A.D. 100-125 survive today in the form of portraits on mummy castings in Greco-Roman Egypt.

By blending pigments, beeswax and a tree resin called damar, I create a medium to paint with the molten wax. Having experience as a beekeeper, I feel a deep respect for these amazing creatures who fertilize plants, providing us with their wisdom, beauty and nourishment.

Mono-prints are designed by applying medium onto a heated aluminum plate then pressing paper into the wax while still warm.  This creates a one-of-a-kind image which can be textured or enhanced by introducing additional layers of wax with completely new elements.

EMBELLISHED PRINTS are available on paper, metal or glass + with or without framing!

Quote Above: Barbara Tedlock, PhD


Sunrise Studio Encaustic Commissions


For Originals +
Embellished Prints


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