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Revolving Encaustic Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Women are the creative, life-giving,

cosmos-shaping powers of the art they produce 


Encaustic + Mixed Media works are based on an ancient method of painting with beeswax, known as encaustic (Greek: to heat or burn; dated 4th century BC). Examples from A.D. 100-125 survive today in the form of portraits on mummy castings in Greco-Roman Egypt. By blending pigments, beeswax and a tree resin called damar, I create a medium to paint with.

Having experience as a beekeeper, I feel a deep respect for these amazing creatures who fertilizes plants, which supply us with their medicine wisdom and nourishment. Shop my Current Work below by clicking on an image for details and a description of materials.

Monoprints are designed by applying medium onto a heated aluminum plate followed with paper or fabric pressed into the wax while still warm.  This creates a one-of-a-kind image which can then be texturized or enhanced by introducing additional layers of wax with completely new elements.

Giclee Prints  are available for purchase. Use the contact form for details.

Speaking + Teaching: I utilize 25 years of experience as a creative facilitator to provide speaking and teaching opportunities for groups, clubs and organizations on a diverse spectrum of topics. Let’s co-create an event or workshop that aligns with your ideas!

Quote Above: Barbara Tedlock, PhD         Commissions Welcome!

Sunrise Studio Encaustic Commissions


Individuals, institutions + corporations are welcome for Commissioned Work!

Using Feng Shui + Design Psychology is a natural fit for working with interior decorators.


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Custom Design+Services

I offer Custom Designs for any of my Sacred Art pieces. 
Painting Commissions Welcome + Prints are Available!
Visit my studio: 315 Old Haw Creek Road, Asheville 28805

Custom Sessions designed for Intuitive Readings or Coaching for you or your organization.  See my  Services page.

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