Instinctively, we recognize that we are required to let go of what is familiar, prepare to enter, and open ourselves to the unknown. Our passage through the gate is irreversible. After we open the gate and stand upon the threshold, we must do the work of transformation.  — The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom by Angeles Arrien  IMAGE by Matheo @ unsplash


Since 2011 these newsletters have been inspired by my own exploration of creativity and personal/spiritual growth. This December post will mark a change in my offering. They will look more like a channeling based on my Symbols Readings, or a throwing of the bones.
My hope is they will be more experiential for you and a deeper expression of their wisdom through me. Gratitude to the ancestors and the helping spirits that come forward to be of support for us all during these profound times of change and the earth’s own awakening.

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The symbols create an archetypal map or pattern that reflects the many threads woven into our collective consciousness. They invite us to take notice of how everything is unique, perfect and profoundly connected. They reflect our true nature, leading us deeper within, where we remember, there is always choice as the creator of our own story.

blue vortex sacred symbols reading

The next New Moon will occur on Tuesday, December 12th at 6:32 a.m. EST. A new moon occurs when the moon is directly between Earth and the sun, with its shadowed side pointing towards us. This Sagittarius New Moon is about restoring optimism and brings with it a major energetic shift of energy. In astrology, new moons offer the start of a new chapter, fresh ideas, new people, or seeing things from a different perspective.

This upcoming Cancer Full Cold Moon will occur on Tuesday, December 26th at 7:33 p.m. EST. It will be the first full moon of the 2023-2024 winter season after the Winter Solstice. This Full Moon suggests a time for Reflection, Release and Completion. You may wish to create a ceremony by writing what you want to let go of on paper, then burning it, or speak a prayer or invocation that opens your heart with Gratitude and Appreciation for all that was received this last year. CLICK HERE for a deeper dive with Pam Gregory

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