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 Journey Circle



We gather monthly to explore topics of personal healing such as self love, trauma, and ancestral healing. Those with all levels of journeying experience are welcome. Optional time is held open after the journey for those who have questions or would like to participate in a deeper level of sharing. The guidance for the container bridges ancient cross-cultural methods with modern practices that address current concerns of our times. Questions: 312-437-4325  Read more:  My Journey

Desiree unveiled so much to me in her shamanic symbols reading and soul retrieval journey. I loved how I got to be an active participantm, to really take in what we were being guided through. I was able to release blocks and trauma that I have struggled with. My heart feels lighter and I embody a joy that I haven’t felt in so long–what a blessing and what a gift.
Thank you Desiree! Ashley N.

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