I am offering a NEW SERVICE @ Haw Creek Commons Studio!!!


Science now confirms that everything has a vibrational frequency and everything is connected!
Light Stream Frequency Sessions can support you in a broad spectrum of physical, mental or emotional symptoms or situations. 
They utilize the world’s most advanced bio-resonance technologies and are specifically selected in a sequence which is customized to your needs. You can read more about the research and how it works @ https://www.davidsereda.co/

These deeply relaxing sessions utilize the world’s most advanced bio-resonance technologies by emitting specific frequencies which are customized to your needs. There is a cache of thousands I have available to re-balance the body’s energy field. The tools themselves are 100% safe and effective through their scientifically designed construction with rubies, sapphires, crystals, tourmalines, aluminum and copper.

This breakthrough technology was invented after a lifetime of research by David Sereda and employs two key tools: The Light Stream Wand, for more focused, body-specific work, and The Mantra Coil, which is used for effecting larger spaces enhanced with Sacred Geometry.

You can read more information about Light Stream at: https://www.davidsereda.co/

Order multiple sessions for yourself or as a gift for others through the link above from my Services page.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  desiree@desireedemars.com, 312-437-4325.

DIRECTIONS: Haw Creek Commons: 315 Old Haw Creek Rd, Asheville, NC 28805

Desiree DeMars has been an artist, spiritual pioneer, coach and shamanic practitioner for over 25 years.  She has traveled the world to explore and study shamanic teachers and cultures.  The ancient technique of encaustic, mixed media and assembling sacred tools is her personal passion along with being in service of others on their healing journey.

YOU CAN ALSO SEE MY SACRED ART PIECES at Design Driven Studio: 102 Black Mountain Ave.

HAVE YOUR OWN GIRL’S NIGHT (or DAY) OUT!! at Purple Crayon in Asheville.  Woohooo! 
I can guide your group through a magical night of co-creation and ceremony at any location.

Attend a Custom Workshop1

Out of town Room or House Rentals are available next door to my studio at the Haw Creek Commons Retreat House in beautiful East Asheville, NC. It is nestled between an organic garden, the chickens, bees and a community playground on six acres, minutes from Asheville.

For details contact me: 312-437-4325 or book your time at: https://hawcreekcommons.lodgify.com/

VISIT MY STUDIO @ Haw Creek Commons: 315 Old Haw Creek Rd, Asheville, NC 28805

PHOTOS: Light Stream Frequency Technology: David Sereda (above),  Design Driven Studio with Corinne + Jose Bello, http://www.designdrivenstudio.com/, (below left), Encaustic Collage panel: Love Letters (bottom right).

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