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A true inspiration, Vandorn Hinnant, fellow lightworker, artist, poet, teacher and medicine man, has 2 sculptures currently on exhibition at the Chastain Arts Center in Atlanta GA with a reception on Saturday, March 2, 2024. Two works from his PORTAL SERIES are currently featured in this NAAHBCU 25 Year Anniversary group exhibition. Watch this beautiful interview about his life’s path.

These sculptural works embody geometries that are of an alchemical nature. Each vortex emits an energetic signature (an inaudible-to-the-human-ear sound) of a particular “energetic flavor”. The frequencies of the combined vortexes produce frequency signatures that read as “pleasing to the eye (and to one’s soul)”. Our sciences are fast catching up with the knowledge of the ancients. We now have technology that can tell us what subtle sound signatures exist in a wide range of forms and materials.

I just returned from a trip to Chicago to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday. Travel these days is quite challenging! Even the weather was a roller coaster ride in and of itself. It was a blessing to spend time with her on another journey around the sun. And there is nothing more fun than sharing breakfast (mom in the middle) and dear friend Lisa, at Buttermilk, to feel gratitude and appreciation for the gift of life!

mom's birthday

Now Offering Live Readings every Tuesday at Elder Apothecary along with classes and Group Readings! Elder Apothecary is a modern herbal medicinal center and community wellness gathering space with an old-world feel. They stock a broad selection of organic, sustainable, fair-trade and locally sourced herbs and tinctures and a curated line of hand-selected products for health and wellness.

elder apothecary

AND . . . as a new member of the Fiber Arts Collective, I will be offering Classes in Rattle Making and Ancestral Altar Making! Rattles, Talking Sticks, Smudge Fans and Amulets are available in both locations!

MORE TO COME ABOUT NEW OFFERING AND PROJECTS . . . meanwhile keeping life simple, letting go of what no longer serves the soul and staying grounded in the silence when possible!


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