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Medical Intuition + Point  of  Origin

 “Time and space are not conditions in which we live, but modes by which we think.”  Albert Einstein

My Point of Origin session continues to resonate and open me up in ways I never thought possible.
I have greateer confidence and insights, and most importantly is how much more room there is for self-kindness and self-love. Astounding! –Ann MacDonald, Asheville, NC

We Are More Than a Physical Body

Medical Intuition is a health care process based in new scientific understandings, that we are more than a physical body and a mind. Science can now prove that we are electrically charged vibrational beings made up of energy centers and energy grids, or a virtual hologram of aliveness. The information that comes through in a session identifies core struggles and patterns leading to an illness.

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Point of Origin Journey

This guided journey empowers you to activate your innate healing ability. We are wired to be intuitive and we are immersed in waves of information every moment of every day. The focus is the root cause of the trauma, belief or pattern and using the shamanic process of transmutation, you can experience a direct sense of restoration as you shift, breakthrough or dissolve the trauma stored in your body.

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Desiree is an incredibly skilled intuitive diviner and healer. My body scan was wildly accurate in every aspect. She picked up odd, seemingly insignificant bits of information, which in actuality, represent profound moments in my personal and spiritual development. My Point of Origin session connected me to my soul and core purpose. I feel validated and empowered.  –PB, Bethesda, MD

The session is In-Person or on Zoom and you are actively participating in the process.

$225: 1.5 hours,  $300 2 hours,   +   Follow Up: $75: 30 min

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