Medical Intuition: A Journey of Self-Love

Medical Intuition is a modality of health care based in new scientific understandings that we are much more than a physical body and a thinking mind. We are electrically charged vibrational beings made up of energy centers and grids. We are a virtual hologram of aliveness, a vast network of connective tissue that binds each part into an integrated matrix.

This same web of connection exists in the energy field of the cosmos linking all the elements of space. This field of connectivity is what Hawaiian shamanic wisdom teachers refer to as the great aka field. I imagine it to be a reflection of our own nervous system’s network that allows communication between multiple systems, organs and functions within our body.

Many years ago I lived in Chicago and had a private practice as a massage therapist, energy worker and yoga instructor. One day I made a house call to a new client who was interested in weekly one-on-one yoga therapy sessions. As I was leaving our meeting, she asked me to wait while she retrieved something she intuitively sensed she was to give me. She returned with a book named Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future, book one of a trilogy, written by Hank Wesselman.

turtle shell the aka field

I had never heard of Hank but soon learned that he was and extraordinary shamanic teacher as well as an anthropologist and author. I devoured the book and amazingly found out that he would be in Chicago for a book talk and was also offering a shamanic training. Unfortunately Hank transitioned this year, but while he walked this earth he blessed many of us with his wisdom and magic, along with his wife, Jill. They lived and taught together in California, Oregon and Hawaii, where Hank eventually mentored with the great Kahuna elder, Hale Makua. I know he is looking after us guiding us in his new form.

A superb speaker and storyteller, Hank had us all under his spell in no time. At one point we took a few moments to reflect on what we were sensing so far and I shared an intense visual experience I had during one of our guided journeys. Along with an image of a golden light-grid, I received an understanding of something I didn’t quite have the words for. Hank’s face was beaming as he took an amulet from around his neck and handed it to me. It was a silver turtle. He described that what I saw was the aka field. As I looked down at the amulet, I could see the same design etched on the top of the turtle’s shell was what I saw in my journey!

Like the aka field itself, this profound synchronistic experience confirmed something I had been shown before through many experiences I had in nature, living off the grid in northern Wisconsin and canoeing in the wilderness of the Canadian Quetico. To learn more about Hank, his books and his life’s work you can visit his website @


So, back to medical intuition….the information that comes through during a session can identify not only physical symptoms but also core emotional struggles, shock, or trauma, as well as outdated patterns and beliefs that no longer support your well being. Accessing this information is a co-creative experience of allowing subconscious or superconscious information to come to the surface. These insights bring greater awareness about what is preventing you from attaining peaking health or truly loving yourself.

Often clients experience a profound sense of freedom when they revisit past experiences without judgement, shame or blame toward themselves or those who were a part of these old stories. No longer do they feel burdened by negative patterns or the dynamics of toxic relationships. The opportunity to realize you chose the experience, not only in this life, but potentially on a soul level, in past lives or in states of consciousness between lives is there within you waiting for you to listen.

As you learn to take responsibility for defining your own worth, taking care of yourself, and filling yourself with love, you begin to create relationships and experiences that allow for the expression of being loved naturally from an inner place of wholeness. This place of wholeness is a reflection of our alignment and knowing our true source. It is a moment of self realization in which we become aware of our connection to the creative source of all that is or what some call unity consciousness.

kindness self love


A medical intuition reading is not a medical diagnosis, psychological assessment or treatment. By participating in these sessions you are 100% responsible for your health and well being. I ask each client to agree that they will consult with their physician or medical professional before changing any routines and/or discontinuing medications or supplements they are currently taking. If you are asked to share information about your health during this session, you agree to the best of your ability, to do so with honesty and integrity.

What can you expect from a medical intuition session? I have been blessed to witness clients find new perspectives free of judgement and a new sense of clarity in identifying patterns that reveal connections to the past. The language of the intuitive is often metaphorical so messages from the body can not only indicate patterns of behavior but also emotional understanding. We are each unique in how we express and interpret our experiences and so the manifestation of them can vary greatly. The clarification of what these thoughts, feelings and emotions mean to you are what I call Being Your Own Medicine. It is this innate connection we have to our true Source of knowing that can guide us with the wisdom often times hidden within our wounds.

wisdom of the wound


Another magical moment I had while portaging the wilderness of the Quetico, was on a beautiful summer day in August. I was paddling alone on a small lake, when suddenly I heard a voice say out loud “Relationship”. I was puzzled and looked around to see if another paddler had come up quietly behind me. As I scanned the lake, there was absolutely nothing other than a lone beaver in the distance, so I sat and listened a moment before moving on. Again, I heard a voice clearly say “Everything is in Relationship”.

It was a truly amazing experience and even more so as I reflect upon it today, for I now understand that it was my clairaudient ability to access information from the greater field of consciousness. Shamanically this is known as direct revelation, or a direct knowing. That canoe trip revealed again and again how all relationships are learning opportunities to develop one’s ability to develop self love. Recognizing we are inter-connected to all that is, mirrors to us how relationships bring opportunities to grow, explore, play and  love rather than to get love, attention, security and validation.

So, how exactly are wounds a source of wisdom for us? According to Dr. Margaret Paul, bestselling author of Inner Bonding and sought after therapist and teacher in the area of Self-Love and Relationships, she explains that learning to connect with our spiritual source of unconditional love, through letting go of false beliefs, can completerly turn our lives around.

We try to control because our ego wounded self falsely believes that our feeling of worth, safety, and security come from others loving us, rather than from learning to connect with our spiritual source of unconditional love and bringing that love to ourselves. When we learn to take loving action on our own behalf, we get so filled with love that it just overflows, and we receive great joy in sharing our love. We no longer try to be the source of love for the other, nor do we make others our source of love. You can learn more about Dr. Paul’s books @

freedom horses


In the initial segment of the medical intuition reading, the information brought forth is the first step of the process. The second step is a healing energy experience that becomes the container for diving deeper into your direct connection to your own source of love. Through my 25 years of training as a shamanic healing practitioner and energy worker, I guide you to the Point of Origin, or inception point, of the shock, trauma or distress and together we receive exactly what it is you need to know or understand about the situation.

In this guided journey I facilitate your travel through time, to access moments when you made choices and decisions about these key life experiences. We travel through the past and into the future where you have a direct experience of recalling and re-visioning the scenes, so that you can turn the old story around or see it from a higher perspective of non-judgement and unconditional love. You also receive gifts and tools that support the integration of these new understandings.

It is simple and direct and does not require that you relive the struggle and difficulty again, but allows you to sense what it feels like to experience them as the true gifts or healing medicine they were meant to be. The outcome of this work is to empower you to remember or activate your innate healing power of conscious awareness and weave your new story into the future.

If you are interested in more information about the process or to book a session, visit my Services page @

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