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EVIDENTIAL MEDIUMSHIP is the practice of the medium or reader, becoming the mouthpiece for those who no longer have a physical voice. The messengers can be ancestors, loved ones, pets, or guides, who share evidence that resonates with you for healing and guidance.

For a deeper understanding about communication through the practice of mediumship you can read Suzanne Giesemann’s discourse called YOUR PLACE IN THE COSMOS EXPLAINED: Download-Sanaya  Suzanne is my mentor and offers extensive educational opportunities to learn about mediumship.

Note from Suzanne: I entered my meditation room and felt the question in my mind of how to explain to people how any of us can attune to another person like a medium does, whether that person is in physical body or not. I was drawn to stand before a framed posted I have of the artist Alex Grey’s Universal Mind Lattice. Looking at the lattice I received an instantaneous download of information.

The answer to my question and much more was contained in that one burst of ‘knowing’. I sent the thought, “How do I put this into words?” I received back the awareness that if I sat and began writing, it would be spelled out for me word by word. What followed was that transmission that flowed without stop over the next half hour.

Thank you very much for the reading Desiree. I now have a great sense of clarity!  Steve H, Toronto, Canada

MEDICAL INTUITION is a modality of health care based in new scientific understandings that we are much more than a physical body and a thinking mind. We are electrically charged vibrational beings made up of energy centers and energy grids, or a virtual hologram of aliveness. The information shared in a session can identify core struggles leading to an illness. (My mentor, Tina Zion is a fourth generation psychic medium, specializing in medical intuition and teaching internationally).

POINT OF ORIGIN SESSION If you find the first session helpful and would like to move forward to the next level of the process, I invite you to book a second session that will focus on going to the root cause or Point of Origin where the imbalance was created.

This session will be a live Zoom call and you will be actively participating in the process. It may include a short Sacred Symbols Reading to gain clarity about your current situation and often touches on ancestral lineage healing or clearing. I am offering a special price for this second session of $100 per hour.

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My initial session with Desiree was amazing! We then developed a series of frequencies focused on easing my mental and emotional stress. These sessions have opened the door to significant and positive life changes. Thank you so much Desiree! Marsha O, Asheville, NC

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