This Will Be A Super Blue Blood Moon In Perigee!  What In the Cosmos Does This All Mean? 

It’s the second full moon in January (blue) coinciding with a total lunar eclipse (blood) and in its closest approach to Earth in a single orbit.  It is in the sign of Leo. Wisdom Teaching: Live in the eye of the heart. Release the old and plant new “seeds” for your intentions for they will have an effect for months to come.

We will gather in ceremony each month at Epione Clinic to explore sacred symbols through a shamanic divination technique and their wisdom teachings during these changing times. Bring a drum and/or rattle, journal. See Epione’s calendar:  www.epioneintegratedclinic.com

Photo: Epione’s new location in Montford, Porcupine Gourd Rattle (below)


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