Shematrix Australia
PH Mstali in ceremony
Autumnal Equinox, Vilka Bamba
Desiree-Sedona - copy
Peruvian Farmland
Shematrix Australia
Desiree Yoga
Vilka Bamba, Ecuador
Symbols Ceremony Laguna Beach
Sedona Cave Ceremony
Buddha's Meditation Cave Nepal
Ceremonial Tipi Laguna Beach
Portaging the Quetico
Fire Ceremony Initiation Nepal
Ecuadorian Vortex
Ecuadorian Shaman
Machu Picchu Journey
Peruvian Despacho Ceremony
Desiree & Auntie Margaret, Australia
PH Mstali in Ceremony
Aama Bambo Healing Session
Desiree Tractor
Wan Chuck Nepalese Shaman
Autumnal Equinox, Vilka Bamba
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My Journey

MY NAME is Desiree DeMars and I am a coach, shamanic guide, hypnotist and sacred artist.

MY PASSION is working with those seeking clarity during deep transformation or anyone on a heart inspired path of evolution.

I AM A GUIDE for shifting from a problem solving fix or fear, to a creative orientation that activates your inner wisdom.

MY CORE VALUES express truth, love and beauty through helping you create structures aligned with the greater good.

I have been a shamanic practitioner, teacher and program facilitator for over 25 years. I bring together new discoveries in neuroscience that align with ancient wisdom teachings and your vision of the future.

My personal journey into integrative medicine began with an exploration of yoga, meditation, and nutrition as a teen.  Highly sensitive and creative, I studied many forms of energy medicine and held a private practice for 15 years in the Chicago area.

As I began exploring  subltle energy work and plant medicines, I experienced a shamanic journey in which I recalled a past life as a medicine woman in the canyon lands of Malibu, CA. This ignited a life long journey of personal healing and training with shamans around the world.

I have helped hundreds of people globally to experience new levels of clarity, wisdom and inspiration to take aligned action toward their dreams. I currently live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and work around the world on Zoom.

Read More . . . My Journey-Discovering the Quetico

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