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BODYWORK & ENERGY HEALING: Matrix Energetics Level I&II, Theta Healing DNA I&II, Polarity Therapy, Meridian Therapy III, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Continuum, Quantum Touch & Supercharging QT, Thai Massage, Meridian Therapy, Kripalu Bodywork, Reiki I&II, and Holotrophic Breathwork: Stan and Carol Grof. 

YOGA, MOVEMENT & MEDITATION: Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, Interdisciplinary Yoga Instructor Certification, Insight Meditation, Heartbeat: Gabrielle Roth, DansKinetics, Continuum: Emily Conrad, and Pilates Matwork.  

AROMATHERAPY, FLOWER ESSENCES & NUTRITION: Aromatherapy I&II: Judith Jackson and Dr. Kurt Schanubelt, Flower Essences, Herbal Studies & Plant Medicine, Raw Foods & Nutrition: Hippocrates Health Institute, and Herbal Apprentice at HerbPharm.

SHAMANISM: 2 yr Medicine for the Earth, 2 yr. Shamanic Teacher Training and Death and Dying: Sandra Ingerman, Shamanic Extraction: Myron Eshowsky and Betsy Bergstrom, and Advanced Trainings at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Ho’Oponopono: Dr. Hu Len, and Shamanic Trainings around the world.

FREQUENCY, BIOFILED & SUBTLE ENERGY BALANCING: Quantum Frequency Training: Parvinder Grewal of David Sereda’s Light Stream Tech, Egyptian BioGeometry: Foundation & Advanced Trainings, Biofield Tuning: Eileen McKusick and Polarity Therapy: Foundation for Natural Living.

COACHING: American Union of NLP; Certified Life Coaching, Las Vegas, NV, Benchmark Communications; Conversational Intelligence, Norwalk, CT, and SG Jones, Design Psychology Coach; The Spencer Institute. 

TEACHING: Omega Institute: Rhinebeck, NY, Hippocrates Health Institute: Boston, MA, Mazdaznan Vegetarian Science Center: Pahoa, HI, Kripalu Center: Lenox, MA, HerbPharm: Williams, OR, and Nosara Institute: Nosara, Costa Rica.


Columbia College: Psychology, Communications & Fine Arts, Chicago, IL
The Spencer Institute: Certified Life Coach & Design Psychology Coach, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Northland College/Sigurd Olsen Institute of Environmental Studies: Fine Arts, Ashland, WI
Miller-Wagenaar Studio of Decorative Arts: Faux Finishing, Chicago IL
California School of Professional Fabric Design: Design, Berkley, CA
Ambrosia Catering & Event Production: Santa Monica, CA
Private Yacht Dreamboat: Event Production, Palm Beach, FL
Continuing Education: Ongoing trainings with master teachers in their fields.


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