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PACKAGES  customized for Individuals or Groups integrate the latest research in science and spirituality.
are designed to support you in a return to balance of body, mind and spirit by aligning your intention with your higher wisdom and deep inner knowing, using modalities that resonate with your heart. I guide you in practices that harmonize being human with the source of your own light.

For a greater understanding, you can learn more about HeartMath technology for improving emotional wellbeing and psychological coherence:

After clarifying your goals and vision, I will design a package of sessions that aligns your desired outcome.

Full + Half Day Sessions

Full + Half Day Sessions allow for deep inquiry into personal or group goals. Desired results can be accomplished in a time frame that would normally take months. Together we clarify intention and create a structure that supports transformation and integration specific to you.
Call or text: 312-437-4325 or

HALF DAY: $397   or   FULL DAY: $797

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My initial session with Desiree was amazing! We developed a series (of frequencies focused on easing my mental and emotional stress and a series of sessions have intensified that experience and opened the door to significant life changes. Thank you so much Desiree! –Marsha, Asheville, NC

Mentorship is customized to align with the individual or group. Call or text: 312-437-4325 or contact me through email:

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