Apache Tear Stick

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Cone Shell, Holly, Apache Tear, Rabbit, Pheasant Feathers, Horsehair & Copper Beads

May this Sword of Truth bring clear thought and vision to my words and Dreams.

Allow me to surrender my worry and fear, opening space for abundant passion and creative freedom.

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Cone Shell stands for truthful speech and strength. Shells have represented the Sacred, Infinity and the human journey for centuries. Its power of protection allows us to awaken from ignorance and achieve victory over suffering as we move through life’s lessons.

Holly is known sometimes known as the Sword of Truth, unconditional love, sacrifice and Dream Magic.

Apache Tear is a form of obsidian and helps to release negative emotions grounds the body and brings clarity and insight.

Pheasant brings passion, vitality and confidence. They attract love and creativity with abundance and allow us to use our gifts to create.

Horse brings power, sexuality, desire, passion and fantasy into our awareness. She expresses freedom and as a Spirit messenger in journeys can be a lucky charm.

Rabbit represents fertility and brings good fortune. She supports us in facing our fears and releasing worry.

Copper holds many healing properties and is said to be a conductor of energy between the Earth and the Spirit World.