Big Amethyst Stick

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Cactus, amethyst, turquoise, moonstone, coral, leather, horsehair,
turkey feathers, wood & copper beads.

May the Spirit of Amethyst bring inner peace and protection.

Activate my crown chakra and connect me to the world of Spirit, my inner guidance, healing and wisdom.

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Cactus represents protection, adaptation and endurance. With the ability to store water it symbolizes hidden treasure as well as the ability to slow down and deeply conserve life force energy during extreme circumstances.

Amethyst activates ones dreams, opens the crown chakra and connects us to the Spiritual realms. Wonderful for use as a dowsing tool and affiliated with the element of water, Neptune and Jupiter.

Moonstone represents the Mother Goddess and helps to soothe and balance the emotions. It is a stone of wishes, intuition and balance through strengthening the deep feminine in both men and women.

Coral is considered magical and associated with emotional healing. Worn as a protective amulet for expectant mothers and newborns, it was thought to bring power, leadership, luck and protection to those who wore it.

Horse brings power, sexuality, desire, passion and fantasy into our awareness. She expresses freedom and as a Spirit messenger in journeys can be a lucky charm.

Turkey shows us the unlimited ways abundance manifests daily in our lives and reminds us to have gratitude for the blessings we receive from the Earth and the effort of our work.

Copper holds many healing properties and is said to be a condutor of energy between the Earth and Spirit Worlds. One of the oldest metals in use today, it bestows love, balance, feminine beauty and artistic creativity.