Big Blue


Monoprint, 9×23 print on rice paper.
Beeswax, resin and oil in black frame.
Big Blue is 1 of 3 panels comprising the Sea Dreams Tryptic

Gentle giant swims
Carrying ancient wisdom,
Singing it’s heart song.

Shipping/Handling extra: Cost determined by weight,
size and zip code.  Please contact me for possible
options or for more information: 312.437.4325

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Encaustic & Mixed Media works are based on an ancient method of painting with beeswax, known as encaustic (Greek: to heat or burn; dated 4th century BC). Examples from A.D. 100-125 survive today in the form of portraits on mummy castings in Greco-Roman Egypt. By blending pigments with beeswax and a tree resin called damar, I create a medium to paint with. Having experience as a beekeeper, I feel a deep respect for these amazing creatures who fertilizes plants, which supply us with their medicine wisdom and nourishment.

Giclee Prints of my works are available for purchase. Contact me for details.