Confidence + Creation!


Elk, orange tiger-eye, hair-pipe bone, red and black sea glass and silver beads

Sacred Stone and Bone Medicine activate my creativity for finding new ways to work with others. Give me confidence to know my authentic self beyond illusions of separation.

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Tiger-Eye embodies courage and confidence, which comes from understanding your true desires. It helps you discover your authentic self through testing your perceived limitations.

Elk embodies stamina, courage and strength in community. Nobility and pride are their gifts that support us in building self esteem and trust in our deeper knowing.

Silver is the metal of the Moon, love and healing and is symbolically a mirror to the Soul. It is fluid, emotional, soothing and purifying and considered to be stabilizing for ones feminine power and spiritual energy.

Hair-pipe Bone brings strength, power, protection, wisdom and dignity. It represents the cycle of death and rebirth, the masculine, earth/fire and the medicine of the shape-shifter.

Glass is a melding of the four elements. It can focus light or allow light to pass through invisibly or carry light waves great distances. Metaphysically, glass carries the energies of transformation, merging of elements, rebirth, focus and communication. The colors of the glass bring the vibrations of the specific colors they hold.