Turtle Rattle

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Red-eared slider turtle shell, elk horn, turquoise, pheasant feathers and copper beads

Noble beauty of Elk, gift me with your strength and courage

Divine Masculine lead me to those of like mind and show me a new ways of co-creating a world in balance with the Sacred Feminine. 

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Turtle is the most ancient of symbols for Mother Earth and the Aka field, sometimes known as the Golden Grid. She represents all we are blessed with and reminds us to slow down and simply be. Protection, clear boundaries and grounding are her gifts.

Elk embodies stamina, courage and strength in community. Nobility and pride are their gifts.

Turquoise has spanned all cultures and prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and immortality. It was sacred in its adornments and was thoughts to bring power, leadership, luck and protection to those who wore it.

Copper holds many healing properties and is said to be a conductor of energy between Earth and Spirit Worlds.