DNA Alignment-Sold!

Elk, pink jasper, leather, bronze toggle clasp, hair-pipe bone, lava, coconut and brass beads

Sacred Stone, Bone and Shell, activate my DNA to align with all life on this great Earth. Open my heart to allow for clearing of my ego and to trust who I truly am in Spirit.

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Please Adjust for Covid: 2-4 day delivery

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Elk embodies stamina, courage and strength in community. Nobility and pride are their gifts that support us in building self esteem and trust in our deeper knowing.

Jasper strengthens one’s connection to the Earth and the sacredness of life that exists in nature. It encourages one to celebrate moments of beauty in the ordinary and the extraordinary, and to find harmony within the self and others.

Hair-pipe Bone brings strength, power, protection, wisdom and dignity. It represents the cycle of death/rebirth, the masculine, earth and fire and the medicine of the shape-shifter.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and sometimes tin, zinc or phosphorus and symbolic of strength and endurance. It was also associated in ancient times with Christ for imparting faith and trust.

Lava is grounding and strengthens one’s connection to Mother Earth. It inspires stability through times of change and provides understanding in situations where we may need to “bounce back” or when we need to calm our feelings of anger.

Coconut Shell represents the cleansing of the ego and the physical body. It is often used in ceremony for releasing and ultimately our preparation for the process of dying.

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