Dragonfly Amulet

$75.00 $50.00

Leather, fan shell, dragonfly glass button, horsehair, bone, pheasant feathers, antique brass beads and bells

Dragonfly shower your magic of flowing effortlessly through change and transformation.

May Horse bring her free and loving passion to my life along with love and luck in all my endeavors.

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Fan/Scallop Shell represents fertility and love and is also a symbol of baptism and pilgrimage. Our connection to the sea, shells support us in tapping into our emotions and our creativity.

Dragonfly symbolizes rebirth, transformation and change. Inhabiting both water and air they seem magically adaptable, swift moving and capable of seeing 360 degrees with their magnificent iridescent eyes.

Horse brings power, sexuality, desire, passion and fantasy into our awareness. She expresses freedom and as a Spirit messenger can be a lucky charm.

Blue Pearl is an expression of beauty, purity and innocence bringing support on our journey of spiritual transformation. The color blue activates the throat chakra for clarity of speech and manifestation.

Pheasant brings passion, vitality and confidence. They attract love and creativity with abundance and allow us to use our gifts to get what we want.