Direction Amulet


Leather, Ho Oponopono tack, bone, shell, pearl, turkey and pheasant feathers and glass beads

May this pilgrimage of Life lead me in the direction that is in alignment with the deepest part of my Soul.

Guided by Ancestral Wisdom, may I find strength, protection and forgiveness.

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Fan/Scallop Shell represents fertility and love and is also a symbol of baptism and pilgrimage. Our link to the sea, the shells support us in tapping into our emotions and our creativity.

Pearl is an expression of beauty, purity and innocence bringing support on our journey of spiritual transformation.

Compass stands for the 4 Directions and shows us the way to navigate not only in this world but the heavenly realms and all celestial things. It is the symbol of the duality of our intellectual and moral nature.

Ceeport/HoOponopono is the symbol for the Hawaiian Huna teaching of making things right with our relationship with the Ancestors. It says: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

Pheasant brings passion, vitality and confidence. They attract love and creativity with abundance and allow us to use our gifts to create.

Bear is a power animal symbolizing strength, protection and introspection. He supports us in developing our natural instincts and assists us in discovering that we have within us all of the answers to our questions.

Turkey shows us the unlimited ways abundance manifests daily in our lives and reminds us to have gratitude for the blessings we receive from the Earth and the efforts of our work.