Hiawatha Rattle – Sold!

Gourd, leather, sheep fur, Hiawatha or
coin and 5 Pointed Blue Star.

Sacred Rattle with an open heart and purity of thought,
I call in the spark of Divine Life Force. May Spirit hear
my prayers and open the channels of love, abundance
and creative inspiration into my life.

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Gourd Rattle represents the earth, and the handle represents the axis of the Hero Twins, iconic figures of ancient Mayan lore who help keep the earth spinning. Of the squash family, gourd or askutasguash, has the honor of being the seed carrier and spark of life. She teaches us about boundaries with the essence of purity of new life.

Hiawatha Coin or Sacagawea Dollar captures the image of the bilingual Shoshone woman (c.1788-1812) who accompanied the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery expedition in 1805-06. Journeying from the northern plains through the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and back, her skills as a translator were invaluable, as was her intimate knowledge of difficult terrain.

Stars represent the divine force or energy from where we came. Stars are majestic and untouchable and have been symbolic of divine guidance and protection. The star of Bethlehem represents the guidance of God whilst the star of David is a powerful protection symbol.