Light Stream Frequency Sesssions



5 Sessions for $100 or $25 per Session
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Frequency Sessions can support you in a broad spectrum of physical, mental or emotional symptoms or situations. There are two devices available: The Light Stream Wand + The Mantra Coil.

These frequencies mimic energy fields that occur naturally and utilize the world’s most advanced bio-resonance technologies that are specifically selected in a sequence which is customized to your needs.

The Light Wand targets specific areas with a direct field of resonance, while the Mantra Coil can span up to 100′ for harmonizing and clearing a room or entire floor of a home, office or public space.

Order multiple sessions for yourself or as a gift for others!
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Frequency Sessions utilize the world’s most advanced bio-resonance technologies by specifically selecting frequencies customized to your needs through the cache of thousands that are available to rebalance the body’s energy field. The tools themselves are 100% safe and effective through their scientifically designed construction with rubies, sapphires, crystals, tourmalines, aluminum and copper.

This breakthrough technology was invented after a lifetime of research by David Sereda and employs two key tools: The Light Stream Wand, for more focused, body-specific work, and The Mantra Coil, which is used for effecting larger spaces enhanced with Sacred Geometry.

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The Light Stream Wand integrates internal copper coils that create a vortex, or spiral movement that travels outward through the quartz crystal disc at the top and is embedded with rubies which enhance the healing energy of the frequencies used during the session.

The Mantra Coil works on multiple levels simultaneously. In Sanskrit a Mantra is an instrument of or for the mind (man=mind + tra=instrument) which is used to support us in focusing and quieting our thoughts in order to calm and align ourselves to higher states of consciousness and well being.

The design of the Mantra Coil is created in the form of a Yantra, a design representing the sacred geometry of the universal essence of divinity. It is a 14-pointed star made of copper that reflects the spiral of life that is reflected in the cosmos and within our bodies. Crystals can also be placed on the coil to amplify the healing properties of the frequencies and the gems themselves.

Emanating from the Mantra Coil are PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, which are beneficial and safe energy fields used to improve circulation, cell metabolism, and elimination. PEMF frequencies open the cells so that they may better assimilate vitamins, minerals and oxygen.

These frequencies mimic energy fields that occur naturally. Since electromagnetic energy dictates your body’s chemistry, PEMF therapy is able to permeate through your entire body, allowing for a stream of beneficial effects, such as healing damaged tissues and bone, relieving injury-related pain, and even stimulating organs to function more harmoniously.

Thus the cell stays healthy, functions more efficiently and promotes self-regeneration. This means: a longer, healthier and more vital life is made possible by promoting cell-regeneration. Science and medicine are merging and showing us that our thoughts can influence our well being, so it is only natural that we are influenced by the sounds and the vibrations around us.

Introductory Package: 6 Sessions over a period of 6 Weeks $100.    Continuing Package: 4 Sessions for $100