Owl Dreamer Wand


Elk bone, leather, rabbit, owl feathers with bone and amber beads

Noble beauty of Elk, gift me with your strength and courageMay the power of the Masculine lead me to those of like mind and bring new ways of co-creating with the Feminine forces. 

Honoring the 4 Directions at Base of Handle: East/Yellow, South/Red, West/Black, North/White

Shipping/Handling via Priority Mail USPS only.
Please Adjust for Covid: 2-4 day delivery
Call 312-437-4325 for options or more information.


Elk embodies stamina, courage and strength in community. Nobility and pride are their gifts that support us in building self esteem and trust in our deeper knowing.

Turquoise has spanned all cultures and prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility, and immortality. It was sacred in its adornments and was thought to bring power, leadership, luck, and protection to those who wore it.

Bone + Horn enhances one’s strength, power, wisdom and dignity. They represent the cycle of death and rebirth, the masculine principles, earth and fire and the medicine of the shape-shifter.

Honoring the 4 Directions at Base of Handle: East/Yellow, South/Red, West/Black, North/White


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