Sea+Sky Rattle – Sold!

Gourd, leather, pheasant feather, sea shells
and beads. Approximately 4″ wide x 14″ long.

Sacred Rattle with an open heart and purity of thought,
I call in the spark of Divine Life Force. Hear my prayers
and open the channels of love, abundance, victory,
vision and creative inspiration into my life.

Honoring the 4 Directions at Base of Handle:
East/Yellow, South/Red, West/Black, North/White, and
Father Sky represented by turquoise naval at the top.

Shipping/Handling via Priority Mail USPS only.
Please Adjust for Covid: 2-4 day delivery

Call 312-437-4325 for options or more information.

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Gourd represents the earth, and the handle represents the axis of the Hero Twins, iconic figures of ancient Mayan lore who help keep the earth spinning. Of the squash family, gourd or askutasguash, has the honor of being the seed carrier, Divine Mother, and the spark of life. She teaches us about boundaries with the essence of purity of new life.

Tulip Poplar (handle) according to the Celtic code of symbolic trees, is associated with victory, transformation and vision. The poplar is also a symbol of courage, fertility, youthfulness, abundance, protection, and endurance.

Pheasant Feather symbolizes using your gifts to achieve what you want and being creative by tapping into your passions. All birds represent freedom because of their ability to roam the earth and fly in the sky.

Sea Shells represents fertility and love and is also a symbol of baptism and pilgrimage. Our ancient connection to the sea supports us in tapping into our emotions and the expression of our creativity.

Opalite is said to increase your personal power, boost your self-esteem and improve your sense of self-worth by uncovering and expressing your deeper feelings.

Copper holds many healing properties and is said to be a conductor of energy between Earth and Spirit Worlds. One of the oldest metals is use today; it bestows love, balance, feminine beauty and artistic creativity.

Honoring the 4 Directions at Base of Handle: East/Yellow, South/Red, West/Black, North/White.

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