Selenite Feather Fan


Selenite, bone, leather, feathers, shell, horn
and moonstone beads. Approx. 7″ wide x 15″ long.

Sacred Wand with an open heart and gratitude for
this opportunity to clear and release what no longer
serves, may I bring light into the hearts of all I come
into contact with.

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Available at Elder Apothecary,
5 N Main St, Ashland OR 97520



Selenite Wand originates from the mineral gypsum in Morocco. Known as the stone of the moon, Selene by the Greeks, it is found to impart a deep sense of inner peace.
Elk Bone embodies stamina, courage and strength in community. Nobility and pride are their gifts that support us in building self esteem and trust in our deeper knowing.
Rabbit represents fertility and brings good fortune. She supports us in facing our fears and releasing worry.

Pheasant + Heron Feathers symbolizes using your gifts to achieve what you want and being creative by tapping into your passions and an ability to progress and evolve. All birds represent freedom from their ability to roam the earth and fly in the sky.

Sea Shells represents fertility and love and is also a symbol of baptism and pilgrimage. Our ancient connection to the sea supports us in tapping into our emotions and the expression of our creativity.

Opalite is said to increase your personal power, boost your self-esteem and improve your sense of self-worth by uncovering and expressing your deeper feelings.