Sun Spiral Rattle-Sold!

May the Great Central Sun bring us strength as we evolve along this path of life. Allow the unfolding to flow with ease, grace and harmony as our DNA transforms.

Approximately 10 ¼” Long. 3” Wide Gourd filled with Corn, the symbol of Sustenance. Wood handle with leather, turquoise, antique glass and bone beads.

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Gourd Rattle represents the earth, and the handle represents the axis of the Hero Twins, iconic figures of ancient Mayan lore who help keep the earth spinning. Of the squash family, gourd or askutasguash, has the honor of being the seed carrier, Divine Mother and the spark of life. She teaches us about boundaries with the essence of purity of new life.

It is filled with Corn the symbol of sustenance and Feathers for freedom and expansion.

Rabbit represents fertility and brings good fortune. She supports us in facing our fears and releasing worry.

Turquoise reduces anxiety, tension, stress and anger. It is soothing and calming to the energy around you and balances the throat chakra to bring clear communication.

Bone + Horn enhances one’s strength, power, wisdom and dignity. They represent the cycle of death and rebirth, the masculine principles, earth and fire and the medicine of the shape-shifter.

Honoring the Directions at Base of Handle: East/Yellow, South/Red, West/Black, North/White, and the Center/Turquoise