Turquoise Moon Pendant


Leather adjustable cord with bone, turquoise, red coral, silver and red antique glass beads. Approx. 19″+

It is said that turquoise balances and aligns all the chakras, stabilizing mood swings and instilling inner calm. It is excellent for depression and exhaustion.

Spirit of stone and bone, restore balance and bring inner peace to my body, mind and spirit.

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Bone + Horn enhances one’s strength, power, wisdom and dignity. They represent the cycle of death and rebirth, the masculine principles, earth and fire and the medicine of the shape-shifter.

Turquoise has spanned all cultures and prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility, and immortality. It was sacred in its adornments and was thought to bring power, leadership, luck, and protection to those who wore it.

Red Coral is considered magical and associated with emotional healing. Worn as a protective amulet for expectant mothers and newborns it was also considered a remedy for blood, bone, and skeletal disorders.

Silver is the metal of the Moon, love and healing and is symbolically a mirror to the Soul. It is fluid, emotional, soothing and purifying and considered to be stabilizing for ones feminine power and spiritual energy.