Turquoise Talking Stick


Turquoise, Red Coral, Hemlock, Deerskin, Turkey & Chicken feathers with Bone beads

I call upon the Spirit of Turquoise and Coral for wisdom, leadership and protection.

May the uniqueness of my Soul shine brilliantly out into the world from the essence of the clear blueprint I was destined to reflect out into the World in this lifetime.

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Turquoise has spanned all cultures and prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and immortality. It was sacred in its adornments and was thought to bring power, leadership, luck and protection.

Red Coral is considered magical and associated with emotional healing. Worn as a protective amulet for expectant mothers and newborns it was also considered a remedy for blood, bone and skeletal disorders.

Hemlock soothes irritations, intrusions and disturbances to the energy field. It reawakens the clear energy blueprint for these fields and facilitates healing at the cellular level.

Turkey teaches about gifting and shows us the unlimited ways abundance manifests daily in our lives and reminds us to have gratitude for the blessings we receive from the Earth and the efforts of our work.

Chicken is regarded as a sign of enlightenment and illumination. It supports one in demonstrating your brilliance by sharing and celebrating your uniqueness in the world.