– Lisa B, Arizona

My reading was extraordinary! Not only was it spot on, Desiree was patient, com- passionate and helpful with my situation. I absolutely recommend a session with her. It may blow your mind!

– Jazmin L, Nevada

Thank you Desiree for a lovely session. It was so insightful to my current situation. I loved your patience and genuine spirit. I was gained so much from our time together. I am so grateful for your wisdom.

– Ann L, Michigan

My Sacred Symbols Reading with Desiree completely knocked my socks off! It was profoundly accurate and connected so many dots. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you.

Sacred Symbols

The ancient art of divination is also known as Reading the Bones.
A sacred ceremony is created with the use of everyday curios to represent people, places, ideas, or experiences that make up your life’s story. You can address a personal question or inquire about your personal relationships or your ancestral lineage.

Ancestral Healing is the process of reframing inherited wounds and traumas that have been passed down by your family members. The wisdom of the symbols highlights patterns and beliefs and allows for an opportunity to change the future.

My training was imparted through the lineage of  Traditional Doctor P.H. Mtshali, a Zulu Sangoma, or shaman, and through my mentor Sangoma Gogo Gretchen Krilly McKay.

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Readings open with a Shamanic Invocation to ground, create sacred space and connect to your ancestors. Live Readings @ Elder Apothecary in Ashland, Oregon  VISIT  MY YouTube!

1 hour Reading

These Readings offer clarity, guidance and support. Please book your first session for 1.5hrs. PURCHASE  SESSIONS

1.5 hour Reading
Symbols Readings offers clarity, guidance and support. The session is recorded on Zoom. PURCHASE  SESSIONS
2 hour Reading

Symbols Readings offers clarity, guidance and support. The session is recorded on Zoom. PURCHASE  SESSIONS

30 min Follow Up

Follow Ups can be used to dive deeper into your first reading or to include additional questions. PURCHASE  SESSIONS

Group Readings

The fee is customized to your groups size and setting. Call 312-437-4325 for details. PURCHASE  SESSIONS

sacred geometry by Vandorn

Sacred Geometry by Vandorn Hinnant

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Information resides in infinite space known as the Quantum or Knowing Field, the Akash, the Great Mystery and All That Is.

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