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sacred = creative

Sacred Art is art created by Divine forces greater than ourselves

Sacred Art

SACRED ART is inspired work created with the intention of being used in ceremony or for personal healing. These elemental tools remind us that nature speaks all languages and is a wisdom keeper of gratitude, balance and direct connection with our true source.

Drum Designs bring your unique intention to the frequency of this ancient tool. The drum is the heartbeat, the life blood of Mother Earth and vibrates the cosmic forces we move in harmony with through the cycles of time.

Rattles+Talking Sticks are channels for intentions and prayers. They transmit healing energy and are the antenna for calling in the images of your dreams and visions.

Amulets+Necklaces can be worn as adornments or used as healing tools for ceremony.

CUSTOM DESIGNS: Call/Text 312-437-4325 or

Quote above: Imelda Almqvist


Snake Drum Custom Painted

Custom Designs

For Your Drums,
Rattles + Talking Sticks


Haw Creek Commons: 315 Old Haw Creek Rd, Asheville, NC 28805
Open: Mon-Fri 9-5, Weekends by Appointment
ROOM & HOUSE RENTALS @ the Haw Creek Commons Retreat House:

Eco Depot Marketplace: 408 Depot St, #100, River Arts District, Asheville, 28801

Open: Every Day 11-5 All Seasons
Every Second Saturday, sit by the creek side +
explore the work of over 60 ‘Eco-focused’ Artists in one creative space!

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