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Sacred Art is art in service of

powers and realms  greater than  ourselves 

Sacred Art is a collection of inspirational pieces created with the intention of being used in ceremony or for personal healing. These elemental tools remind us that nature speaks all languages and has the capacity to return our awareness to a sense of gratitude, balance and direct connection with our true source. 

Custom Designs + Commissions Available: 312-437-4325 or Shop My Studio below: click on the image for descriptions and symbology.

Custom Drum Designs bring your unique intention to the frequency of this ancient tool. The drum is the heartbeat, the life blood of Mother Earth and vibrates the rhythmic frequency of the cosmic forces we move in harmony with through the cycles of time.

Custom Rattle + Talking Stick Designs are channels for thoughts and prayers. They transmit healing energy and call in frequencies for manifesting your dreams and invoke protection.

Custom Medicine Bundle Designs are energetic medicine. Select elements that speak to you together with a Sacred Symbols Reading for direction and guidance.

Amulets + Jewelry can be worn as adornments or used as healing tools for ceremony. Custom Designs Available!  May you receive their energetic medicine with ease & grace!

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Workshops + Mentoring Sessions

Room or House Rentals are available next door to my studio at the Haw Creek Commons Retreat House in Haw Creek, Asheville.
For more details contact me: 312-437-4325 or book your own time at:

In Studio Creative Mentoring Sessions

Visit My Studio: Mon-Fri 9-5 @ Haw Creek Commons: 315 Old Haw Creek Road, Asheville, NC 28805

You Can AlsoSee My Work @ DesignDrivenStudio!

Located in Black Mountain, NC: 102 Black Mountain Avenue, 28711, Call Corrine: 828-357-5551

Custom Designs+Services

offer Custom Designs for any of my creative pieces.
Painting Commissions Welcome + Prints  Available!
Studio: 315 Old Haw Creek Road, Asheville 28805

Organization Services, Intuitive Readings, Coaching 
& Light Stream Frequency Sessions:  See Services.
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