I facilitated a beautiful full-day workshop at the Four Seasons Resort in Santa Fe called The Sacred Spark with a group of women from Chicago. We gathered to integrate the creative process of making and using sacred tools (Medicine Bundle, Talking Stick & Amulet), shamanic journeying (Drum & Rattle), movement and ceremony into practices inspired by my C-IQ Coaches Training to support in deepening inner and outer trust. For more information about all of my services visit:

An ancestral altar was built for support in connecting to our roots, we created tools that strengthened intuition and co-created a blessing ceremony that deepens our bond to the Divine Feminine and one another. For our completion ceremony, we stood on the ground where a new tip touched the land and with open hearts we released our ceremonial prayers and personal intentions into the world.

THE SACRED SPARK: Weaving the Threads

It’s been exciting to weave together the threads of the old and new.  For me the new threads are the latest findings in the field of neuroscience, taken from a body of work called C-IQ,  or Conversational Intelligence (a coaches training I am currently enrolled in lead by Judith E. Glaser) and the old is the ancient wisdom of my 30 years of shamanic training and most currently my apprenticeship last year in divining and creating sacred symbols.

I am learning what patterns drive connectivity and trust vs. fear and distrust, enabling us to connect and engage through conversations in healthier ways.  Practicing C-IQ elevates oxytocin and lowers cortisol allowing for deeper and more creative communications with others.  It is a process of re-wiring our brains in a practice of positive conversational rituals that reveal wonder-filled worlds that emerge through the words that we share…my teacher, Judith Glaser loves to say: “Words Create Worlds!


I recently listened to a week long live series sponsored by SoundsTrue in Boulder, CO, called the Neuroscience Summit.  It consisted of two interviews per day with top leaders from a broad spectrum of professions, sharing their findings in the arena of consciousness and the brain.  Scientists, doctors and therapists shared stories and experiences of what has been evolving in the realm of our brain functions and how we can use our awareness to alter its chemistry to create a more fulfilled and joyous life.

SCIENCE & ART: Merging to Create the New

I not only find this fascinating but also reflective of much of what I have experienced in my own explorations in the worlds of yoga, meditation, nutrition and shamanism over the course of my life.

Science and Art seem to be coming together!  Science with its latest technological devices can now measure aspects of energy and frequency, giving us data with which we can measure and identify multiple processes that are activated and interact constantly through the neuron network in our brains.  This is allowing us to better understand how to up-regulate and down-regulate our brain chemistry, which in turn helps us experience higher states of co-creation and connection.

Photos: Sacred Object Reading in Santa Fe (above) and the makings of a Medicine Bag (below left) and an Ancestral Altar at the Sacred Spark Workshop (below right)


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