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The services I offer activate the brain to create new neural pathways which allow for the integration of your highest potential and for experiencing deep clarity and joy. A return to balance in all areas of your life can be achieved by reawakening the senses to your source and clarifying your beliefs about what is true.

Intuitive Readings with Sacred Symbols

This ancient art known as divination, uses everyday objects to metaphorically represent people, places, ideas, or aspects of life to address concerns for which you are seeking clarity. The session is recorded and a photo is taken of the pattern that the symbols create when thrown and emailed to you. It can be experienced in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom anywhere in the world. Order multiple sessions for yourself or as gifts for others.

1 hour: $125,   1.5 hours: $190   &   2 hour sessions: $250 .   Click on the title for purchasing options.

Space Clearing & Design Consultations

Consultations for your home, office or property can be performed on location or remotely. I utilize a design psychology framework, Feng Shui and dowsing to clear the energy in your home or office, allowing for a return to balance and vitality in the lives of those who use them. Larger scale projects are custom priced.

1 hour: $150, 1.5 hours: $225 & 2 hour sessions: $250.   Click on the title for purchasing options.

Coaching with Conversational Intelligence/C-IQ

This work is based on current neuroscience findings and decades of research in social anthropology and communication.  C-IQ or Conversational Intelligenceprovides a framework for the use of tools that build trust, inspiration and compassion. This type of inquiry reveals conversational patterns and allows us to re-shape our communications with loved ones, teams, and organizations. Weekly or monthly sessions can be set up to be in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom anywhere in the world.

1 hour: $150,  1.5 hours: $225  &  Monthly packages are custom.   Click on the title for purchasing options.

Shamanic Energy Sessions

Shamanic energy sessions restore personal power by returning the energetically lost or disconnected aspects of the self and clarify negative energy patterns for the extraction and clearing of your family lineage. Chronic depression, grief, disassociation, addictions, PTSD, memory loss or physical illnesses can be symptoms of past shock or trauma held within our energy field initiated from personal or social experiences.

1 hour: $150, 1.5 hours: $225 & 2 hour sessions: $300.   Click on the title for purchasing options.

Immersion Intensives: Full or half-day sessions

Custom full or half day sessions allow for deep inquiry into personal or group goals that can be accomplished in a time frame that would normally take months. We clarify the outcome you desire and create a design that supports transformation and integration in a powerful life changing way.  These sessions are customized to meet the time frame and budget for either individuals or groups.   Call 312.437.4325 or use the form below.

Custom Designs & Services

Custom Designs for Sacred Art include Drums, Rattles, Talking Sticks and Medicine Bundles. Contact me about Encaustic Commissions directly by using the contact form.

Private Sessions can be scheduled for Sacred Symbols Readings & Coaching  for you or your organization on the Services page.

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