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SERVICES for the Body, Mind + Soul integrate the latest research in science and spirituality.  All sessions are designed to support you in a return to balance by aligning my higher wisdom with your intention and the modality that resonates with your heart.  Sessions can be in person, on Skype or Zoom.

VISIT MY STUDIO @ Haw Creek Commons: 315 Old Haw Creek Road, Asheville, NC 28805

Sacred Symbols Readings

Sacred Symbols Readings are an ancient art in many cultures, known as Reading the Bones. It is a divination system using everyday objects to represent people, places, ideas, or aspects of life for addressing an inquiry in which you are seeking clarity. Readings can be in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom globally.

1 hour: $135,   1.5 hours: $200   &    2 hour sessions: $270   Click HERE to purchase!
30 Minute Follow Up Sessions after a reading are available for $75

My session with Desiree was wonderful!  I had never had a symbols reading before and was quite intrigued.
Her insight as she read the symbol’s spread was so helpful and right on target.   Jacqueline, Sedona, AZ

Sound Frequency Sessions

Sound Frequency Sessions utilize Light Stream technology, some of the world’s most advanced bio-resonance devices. By selecting frequencies customized to your needs through the cache of thousands of Quantum and Rife frequencies available, the goal is to re-balance the body’s energy field. The devices themselves are safe and effective through their scientifically designed construction with rubies, sapphires, crystals, tormalines, and copper.

Intro Package: First Session FREE! 6 Sessions: $100
Continuing Package: 5 Sessions: $100,   1 hour: $25      Click HERE to purchase!

My sound frequency sessions with Desiree have had a profound impact on my health and well being. She has an amazing wealth of healing modalities and I always come away feeling that I’ve had a body, mind and soul tune-up. She is a jewel!  Melissa, Asheville, NC

Shamanic Sessions

Shamanic Sessions restore personal power by returning the energetically lost or disconnected aspects of the self and clarify negative energy patterns for the extraction and clearing of your family lineage. Chronic depression, grief, disassociation, addictions, PTSD, memory loss or physical illnesses can be symptoms of past shock or trauma held within our energy field initiated from personal or social experiences.

1 hour: $150,   1.5 hours: $225   &   2 hour sessions: $275.     Click HERE to purchase!

Desiree is a gifted healer and beautiful soul. I loved every minute of my healing session with her. This one session cleared up some things for me that years of therapy didn’t.  Her insights and suggestions continue to be priceless.I am deeply grateful that I found her. Susan, Asheville, NC

Space Clearing

Space Clearing consultations for your home, office or property can be performed on location or remotely. I utilize a design psychology framework, based on the work of interior designer and coach Kelli EllisFeng Shui and Dowsing. These techniques clear the energy in your home or business, allowing for a return to balance and vitality in the lives of those who use them. For large scale projects I offer a free consultation.

1 hour: $75,   1.5 hours: $110   &   2 hour sessions: $150.     Click HERE to purchase!

I called Desiree into a house that had been traumatized, as had I.  We met through high synchronicity–always the best sign, so I was not surprised at her powerful combination of professionalism and highly intuitive shamanic practice. I immediately relaxed, trusting her good-natured authority as I welcomed a transformational new totem and went deeply with her into a detailed reading. Desiree DeMars is the Real Thing.   Patricia, Asheville, NC


Intensives are Half + Full Day experiences which allow for deep inquiry into personal or group goals that can be accomplished in a time frame that would normally take months or longer. We clarify the outcome you desire and create a framework that supports transformation and integration in a powerful, life-changing way.  Sessions are designed to meet the needs for individuals or groups at various locations. 

Half Day: $400  or  Full Day: $800    Click HERE to purchase!


Haw Creek Commons: 315 Old Haw Creek Rd, Asheville, NC 28805
Open: Mon-Fri 9-5, Weekends by Appointment
ROOM & HOUSE RENTALS @ the Haw Creek Commons Retreat House:

Eco Depot Marketplace: 408 Depot St, #100, River Arts District, Asheville, 28801

Open: Every Day 11-5 All Seasons
Every Second Saturday, sit by the creek side +
explore the work of over 60 ‘Eco-focused’ Artists in one creative space!

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