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Sacred Symbols Readings: $117 -1 hour (Reg $137)  +
Shamanic Wisdom/Combination Sessions: $177- 1.5 hours (Reg $197)


Sacred Symbols Readings

SACRED SYMBOLS READINGS are an ancient art in many cultures, known as Reading the Bones. It is a divination system using everyday curios to represent people, places, ideas, or aspects of life for addressing an inquiry in which you are seeking clarity. Readings can be in person at my studio, by Phone, Skype or Zoom and now Virtually, sent to your email. These readings make powerful, amazing gifts for those you love!

Your reading has given me so much direction, the nudge toward something I’ve been needing to do and the means to unlock my passion!  –Angela, Waynesville, NC

$20 off through November 30th!
1 hour: $117
(Reg $137)
1.5 hours: $197

30 minutes: $77

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My session with Desiree was wonderful!  I had never had a symbols reading before and was quite intrigued.
Her insight as she read the symbol’s spread was so helpful and right on target. 
–Jacqueline, Sedona, AZ

Shamanic Wisdom Sessions

SHAMANIC WISDOM SESSIONS restore personal power by returning the energetically lost or disconnected aspects of the self. These sessions include Soul Retrieval,  Soul Remembering or Extraction processes or initiations.

The process can clarify negative energy patterns and beliefs, shock or trauma adopted by your family lineage or social norms that were passed on to you. Chronic depression, grief, disassociation, addictions, PTSD, memory loss or physical illnesses can be symptoms resulting from this trauma held within your energy field. See my listing on Sandra Ingerman’s website:

I also call them Combination Sessions, which is simply having a Symbols Reading together with a Shamanic Energy Session. The reading is first clarifies your intention and gives direction for the shamanic energy work to follow, it is the perfect place to start exploring shamanic healing.

Follow Up Sessions are recommended (30 min) about 2-3 weeks after this session. It can greatly assist with the integration process.

Continuing Clients Only

1 hour: $137

$20 off through November 30th!
1.5 hour: $177
(Reg $197)  or
2 hours: $227

30 minutes: $77 

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Desiree is a gifted healer and beautiful soul.  I loved every minute of my healing session with her.  This one session cleared up some things for me that years of therapy did not.  Her insights and suggestions continue to be priceless.  I am deeply grateful that I found her.  –Susan, Asheville, NC

Star Coil Sound Frequency Sessions

SOUND FREQUENCY SESSIONS utilize Light Stream Star Coil Technology, through a Star Coil Transmitter, one of the world’s most advanced bio-resonance devices. By selecting frequencies that are customized to your needs through the cache of thousands of Quantum and Rife frequencies available, the goal is to re-balance the body’s energy field. The coil is designed in alignment with sacred geometry and integrates rubies, sapphires, crystals, tormalines, and copper. Read more about the creator, David Sereda.

I also use the Sonic Slider Tuning Fork to balance your biofield. It’s frequency of 93.96 Hz is based on what is known as the Schumann Resonance, the electrical resonance of the earth’s atmosphere. It is the 12th harmonic, and the 7.83 Hz background pulse of our environment. You can read more about the creator, Eileen Day McKusick, and her work known as Biofield Tuning here.

The intention is held that this template is a holographic representation of you, wherever you are at any time, in any location.  A list of the frequencies used in your custom playlist will be sent to you before the session begins at an agreed upon time and date.

After Receiving A Session: It is very important to ground yourself after receiving frequencies in order to “discharge” any build up of electrical energy and to support the release of either physical, mental or emotional toxicity. Please Read: Safety Using Frequencies

After Booking Your Session you will receive an email with a short questionnaire for clarifying the focus of your inquiry. From your responses I create a custom playlist of specific frequencies from my Light Stream Star Coil programs.  The playlist runs for 50-60 minutes, next to a template representing the human body and its biofield, with your name on it. Questionnaire: Welcome to the Sacred Is Creative!

First Session FREE! + 5 Sessions: $97

Single Sessions: $37  or  2 Sessions: $67
3 Sessions: $97  or  4 Sessions: $127

5 Sessions: $150

30 minutes: $77 per sesssion
Add a Sacred Symbols Reading to a Continuing
Package or to Any of the Single Sessions Options

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My sound frequency sessions with Desiree have had a profound impact on my health and well being. She has an amazing wealth of healing modalities and I always come away feeling that I’ve had a body, mind and soul tune-up. She is a jewel!  –Melissa, Asheville, NC

Space Clearing

SPACE CLEARING for your home, office or property is performed On-Site or Remotely. I use a Light Stream Star Coil Frequency Transmitter, Biofield Tuning Forks, Feng Shui, BioGeometry. I also integrate design psychology tools based on the work of interior designer and coach Kelli EllisFeng Shui and various types of Dowsing. 

The process clears and re-balances the energy, allowing for new vitality in the lives of all those who are present there. I have a cache of thousands of Rife and Quantum Frequencies I select from to create a custom playlist for your specific situation. I ask that you fill out a short questionnaire to clarify intentions and goals. Discounts on Virtual Session Packages + FREE Consultations Call 312-437-4325

VIRTUAL: 1 hour: $97
ON SITE: 1.5 hour: $157  or
2 hours: $297

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My reading with Desiree really helped give me confidence and ease in moving forward with my desires and plans. There were messages that came through that I needed to hear and I experienced deep feelings that I’ve been missing for quite some time–it was an extremely powerful and beautiful clearing.  – Kira, Asheville, NC

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