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Ancestral  Healing

Ancestral healing is a spiritual process that empowers you to connect, repair and nurture relationships with your own wise and loving ancestors. The art of using the foundation of a Sacred Symbols Reading assists you to directly access the supportive guidance of your own ancestors or shamanic wisdom.

This ancient art is also known as Reading the Bones, a divination system that uses everyday curios to represent people, places, ideas, or aspects of life that reflect energy signatures relevant to your inquiry, and resulting in clear guidance. My collection has pieces that signify your ancestral lineages so that we can focus on specific aspects of your family dynamics. Read More About the History of Divination:  Sacred Symbols Readings

Join a Weekly Soul Tribe for a Free Recode Session: Our goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals and families, of all walks of life, to foster connection and belonging while supporting each other in the pursuit of whole hearted living and personal transformation. Click Here and learn more about Tabitha Mac Donald and the Soma Soul Tribe.

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Ancestral Healing Recode

Desiree is a powerful, gifted healer with a sweet gentile spirit. Her sessions have helped me immensely in being more centered, contemplative and empowered. My dreams are much more vivid with greater clarity and I have experienced so many more synchronicities in my life.  –Kathy, Asheville, NC


Monthly Journey Circle

ZOOM SESSION: December 17, 2021 • 5:30pm Eastern
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Desiree is one of the best healers I have worked with. Working with her has opened me up to healing that has changed my life. Her insights and shamanic work have moved things in me that I was previously unable to move on my own. The sessions have always been profound and leave me with greater faith,  more solidness in who I am, and insights about where to go next with whatever I am working on.   –Adela P, Marin, CA

Restore Your Personal Power

A session may include more than one process including Extraction, Transfiguration or other Initiatory experiences. The process can clarify negative energy patterns and beliefs, shock or trauma experienced and adopted by your family lineage or social norms and passed on to you. Chronic depression, grief, disassociation, addictions, PTSD, memory loss or physical illnesses can be symptoms resulting from this trauma held within your energy field.

I have over 25 years of shamanic experience and have woven trainings in Medical Intuition with Tina Zion and Mona Delfino and Mediumship training under the guidance of Suzanne Giesemann. My shamanic healing foundation was born out of the life’s work and guidance of Sandra Ingerman.

Desiree is a gifted healer and beautiful soul. I loved every minute of my healing session with her. This single session cleared up some things for me that years of therapy did not.  Her insights and suggestions continue to be priceless.  I am deeply grateful that I found her.  –Susan, Asheville, NC

$225: 1.5 hours   or   $300: 2 hours    Follow Up $75: 30 minutes

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