– Camille K, North Carolina

I came to Desiree for help clearing an energy attached to my house, something that created fear and discomfort for all of us living here (animals too). She was able to fit me in to her schedule immediatelly and was so kind and informative with her scan and cleansing. I immediately felt a HUGE difference in the overall energy and I enjoyed the collaborative effort through instructions for creating my own ceremony. Ever since then, the house has been peaceful and calm!

Patricia X, North Carolina

Desiree DeMars is the Real Thing! I called Desiree into a house that had been traumatized, as had I. We met through high synchronicity–always the best sign, so I was not surprised at her powerful combination of professionalism and highly intuitive shamanic practice.  I immediately relaxed, trusting her good-natured authority as I welcomed a transformational new totem and went deeply with her into a detailed reading. Thank you!

– Gerolyne, Florida

My guides synchronistically steered me to Desiree who embodies the Spirit of the Elders. With her, I experienced two beautiful sessions, in which she provided nurturing and sacred energy so that I could receive very insightful information. I felt comfortable and at ease, as if talking to a close sibling with whom you haven’t talked to in a while but picking up right where you left off. I highly recommend her. You will receive deep healing in her presence. Thank you Desiree!

Clearing for
Home or Property

Clearings are performed On-Site or Remotely. After a scan of the space using dowsing to gain information, I apply Extraction, Biofield Tuning, BioGeometry and/or Design Psychology processes to re-balance the space inside and out, which may include  the releasing of trapped souls who once resided there.

Re-balancing the energy field allows for renewed vitality for all. My training integrates the wisdom of master dowsers, shamen, interior designer Kelli Ellis, Feng Shui and BioGeometry.

On-site or Remote Space Clearing

After a space clearing, people in the cleared space often feel healthier, stronger, clearer, more focused and more at ease. Most people will immediately feel the energization of the environment.

1 hour Virtual Session

Clearing space also renews old and stagnant energy and replaces it with a renewed vibrancy. PURCHASE SESSIONS

1.5 hour On-Site Session

When a space or property is energetically cleared it allows the natural flow of the elements to be revitalized. 30 minutes is allotted for travel to location. PURCHASE SESSIONS

2 hour On-Site Session
Space clearing removes blocked, stuck or stagnant energy, and restores flow in a positive, uplifting direction. 30 minutes is allotted for travel to the location. PURCHASE SESSIONS
sacred geometry by Vandorn

Sacred Geometry by Vandorn Hinnant

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Aligning Energy

Raises Frequency

Rose Quartz Labrynth, Australia

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. All traditional cultures have a form of space clearing, for it is essential to the energetic maintenance of all things.

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