Desiree DeMars

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Space Clearing

Space Clearing for your home, office or property can be performed on location or remotely. I utilize a design psychology framework, based on the work of interior designer and coach Kelli EllisFeng Shui and Dowsing. These techniques clear the energy in your home or business, allowing for a return to balance and vitality in the lives of those who use them. For large scale projects I offer a free consultation.

1 hour: $75,   1.5 hours: $110   &   2 hour sessions: $150.     Click HERE to purchase!

I called Desiree into a house that had been traumatized, as had I.  We met through high synchronicity–always the best sign, so I was not surprised at her powerful combination of professionalism and highly intuitive shamanic practice. I immediately relaxed, trusting her good-natured authority as I welcomed a transformational new totem and went deeply with her into a detailed reading. Desiree DeMars is the Real Thing.   Patricia, Asheville, NC

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