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Sacred Art is now showing at Seven Sisters Craft Gallery!  Woohoo!  Owner Andrea McNair is originally from North Dakota and fell in love with Western North Carolina during a high school visit. Andrea has been a lover of art her whole life and her diverse collection in the shop reflects this!  Come to Black Mountain + Discover the Magic!
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SACRED ART: One-of-a-Kind Ceremonial Tools + Amulets  

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VISIONS OF THE FUTURE: A SuperMoon to Magnify Your Dreamtime

The moon will align with the sun in the aksy at 25 degrees Virgo for a potent New Moon.  It will in fact be a Supermoon, orbiting much closer to earth, magnifying her lunar energy.  All New Moons mark the beginning of a new cycle, a time for resetting intentions and envisioning what you would like to manifest for the month ahead.  Think of this Super New Moon as having an extra boost, enabling you to make significant changes and embark on new beginnings in all aspects of your life.

Virgo is an earth sign, being ruled by Mercury. The sign governs over all things health, wellness, habits, routines and organization, making it the perfect time to clean out both internal and external clutter. This is a perfect time to take stock of what is working and what isn’t. Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, will be positively aspecting this New Moon and will be beneficial in planning and creating structure especially around future goals.

Neptune will be sitting in opposition to this sun-moon conjunction, which may cause matters to look foggy or confusing. Nepture is what dream stuff is made of yet it also has it’s shadow side, which can show up as addiction to anything that keeps us from seeing clearly. Be sure to practice discernment and patience before committing to a new plan of action, as extra information may reveal itself over time. I have discovered a powerful and amazing way to work with these oceanic realms is through your dreams.


Dreamtime is not tick-tock time, it is fluid and spacey, reflective and shape-shifting, flowing and elusive at times…a part of the Great Mystery. One powerful way to work with your dreams is by being and active participant, ebodying every part of the dream as yourself. By doing this we naturally embrace every aspect of the world/culture/collective we live in in its entirety and can begin to see our part as creators in all of it.

There is a thought that we are actually dreamed by the Divine Creator/All That Is Consciousness/God/Great Spirit and we, as humans, are a part of this Collective Dream. We are being Dreaming the World Into Being as much as it is dreaming us into our own experience of evolution. True nterconnectedness.

Another thought is that seeing the world Symbolically enables us to heal our imagination. For whatever we protect and nurture, will in turn guide and protect us and through this reciprocal relationship, we can become embassadors of transformation for good and to be of service for a higher purpose both personally and globally. Visionary activisim expands our imagination and our skill of using language as a tool for liberation, so that we become partners in the dance of life and learn to more easily embrace change as our ally.

According to master astrolger Carolyn W. Casey and her unique art of astro-mythological storytelling and multi-media venues, she reveals how Neptune empowers us to dream a new reality. In her audio book, Making the Gods Work for You (available through Amazon on Audible), Carolyn brilliantly demonstrates through song, wit and her wisdom, how archetypal forces, symbolized as planets or gods, can help you create change in your life and in the world. To learn more visit: Coyote Network News page:


Another simple practice for working with the Great Mystery or things that feel our of control in our lives is to create an Altar. An altar is like a vessel or channel for magic to flow through with a channel of communicaton and understanding between who or whatever you are creating the altar, or sacred space for. It can designate a space to honor your ancestors or those who have crossed over to receive support or understanding about life and its cycles. It could also be in honor of pets, power animals, places or projects you are creating or a part of a group co-creating or studying a shared outcome.

The act of gathering simple every day objects or images with the intention of alignment with your chosen outcome can reap results beyond your imagination…. and in far less time than it would take you to “make it happen” physically. As you regularly practice this art of expressive activism you will begin to see the results of empowering change in both yourself and in the world around you. And most imprtantly is to do so with joy and non-attachment to the outcome. Aho!

CREATIVITY SESSIONS! Work from home as I guide you on Zoom! 

SACRED ART is in-spirited work for ceremony, healing and empowerment.  Each piece is one of a kind.
COMMISSIONS WELCOME!  Co-create your vision with me in any material, size, theme and color pallette.


After completing a mediumship training with Suzanne Giesemann I decided to take on a leadership role in a Spiritual Development Circle. It is a group of participants from around the east coast of the US and Canada, dedicated to improving our natural abilities such as clairvoyance, mediumship and other energy healing skills. Our first meeting was Monday evening on September 14th. It was heart opening and inspiring. It always fascinates me to see the many ways life weaves us together on our path. Hearing people’s stories about their spiritual journey continues to deepen my gratitude and humility for the Soul and the journey it takes when it chooses to be in a human form here on planet Earth. Aho!


SOUND FREQUENCY SESSIONS integrate LightStream Coil technology, tuning forks, bowls, bells, ting-shas and BioGeometry tools to clear and balance your biofield, home or office spaces.

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• SACRED SYMBOLS READINGS are the foundation of my wisdom coaching practice that guides you through transition, trauma, grief, ancestral history and soul path remembering.

• SHAMANIC ENERGY SESSIONS can stand alone or be combined with a reading.

DESIREE DEMARS is an artist, teacher, energy healing pioneer, and shamanic practitioner. She has traveled the world to learn directly from local shamans and earth-centered cultures. Passionate about co-creation and beeswax, she uses mixed media to create sacred tools for healing.  Contact me: 312-437-4325,
You can visit my studio @
Haw Creek Commons: 315 Old Haw Creek Rd, Asheville, NC 28805

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